Monday, February 28, 2011

Going Around Town


In our town, malls are closed during Sundays; no businesses are open except for supermarkets and local restaurants. This is in observance of the law called Blue Law basing on some religious standards. We have no complaints about this law, who would not want peace and quiet with no traffic on a Sunday, right? But to a lot of people, Sunday is a day when you want to go to the mall or go shopping. For us, we go to neighboring towns not affected by the Blue law. But before doing our visit, we always make sure that we do a local search of the town we want to go to. At, you can easily find everything; just locate the state, then select the city, and you can search a business or store according to different categories. And to all coupon lovers out there, you don’t have to search for coupons anymore because you can find them too at If you also found a place at your local yellowpages, can also provide you directions to your destinations.

So next time you go around town, do not forget to do your searches first at Sign up your email address at their website and get up dated on events, deals, sales or on what is happening around you.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

(Fried) Food At Max


I don't know if we went on a wrong day but on the day we went to Max, the lady told us while we were waiting for our table that we can only order food that are fried - meaning no pancit, fresh lumpia or kare-kare (my favorite), etc. They run out of the others because there were too many diners. So, what are we gonna do, right? We already drove 10 miles to eat at Max so just make the most out of it.

This is a mix of the calamare and lumpiang shanghai. It is good. We had one to go of this too.

If you go to Max, you gotta have the chicken. This he whole max fried chicken with garlic fried rice. I was a bit disappointed because i was looking for the manila max taste chicken - the crispy chicken to the bones. Only the skin was crispy. Hubby said next time we should tell them to fry it crispy. Still, we had another of this to go. So what else is fried....the lechon kawali? but we are trying to avoid pork so we did not order that.

For our drinks, we had the sago at gulaman.

p.s. i re-fried the chicken that we had to go and it was yummier, better than what we had at the restaurant.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What A Day


It was a hectic day at work. Our warehouse people are moving a lot of stuffs around then loading some units to the truck to be transferred to our new branch down the store. Since I am working at the main branch, all materials and equipment like the flammable lockers and flammable cabinet storage are first received here before they are transferred to the branch. This set up is only temporary, for the meantime that the other branch is under construction.

I am still coming to work tomorrow, I thought I can take the day off but since the back ordered flammable cabinets are coming in, I have to be at work. I can actually come in my sweat pants and sneakers tomorrow; it’s a dress down Friday for me. And because, we are also expecting two inches of rain, they cannot expect me to wear office clothes while I work with the boys at the warehouse. I like and i don't mind working with them. All that matters is I am done by 12 noon and it’s the weekend.

My Fav Yogurt


We like yoplait orginal yogurt and in addition we always get the yoplait Yoplus yogurt too. I like this because of its fiber and antioxidant contents. My favorite flavors are strawberry and peach. The yoplus comes in a pack of four.

New Car On The Block


I and the husband always talk about cars, probably our future car. If we see brand new models on the road, we always pretend as if we are also the owners of the car. Like the other day, we were having breakfast at a restaurant and we were seated in an area where you see the parking lot and one guy came in a Lamborghini. When hubby saw the car, he right away said, “Oh that will be our retirement car!” I laugh out so loud almost choking. I know it is his dream of owning a sports car someday. He is even fascinated with our neighbor’s Hyundai Genesis R-Spec sports car but I tell you, this Genesis from Hyundai is really a beauty. He got the red one and it is always a head turner every time he is on the road.

I hope our Chrysler car will last for another three years. It is over 100,000k miles but still in good condition. With the gas prices going up again, a 4 cylinder car is the best bet when you talk about gas efficiency. Is the Volkswagen Golf a 4-cylinder car? That is the car I like. I am sticking to VW but a smaller car this time.

I Love Coupons


I already have my coupons ready. I'm stopping by the supermarket after work to grab a few things and I have coupons for some of them. These are the coupons I clipped from the Sunday paper. I saved a lot. Do you use coupons? This mom does.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Is My Mail?


I just finished talking to the maintenance guy in our building. There is one mail from one of the company I work with online that I have been waiting for weeks now. I have called the office and they already informed me that it has been mailed to me several days ago but still I have not receive it. So when I talk to the guy in charge of the apartment mailboxes at the lobby, he said that he has not seen any mail for me from that company. This is the problem when you have cluster mailboxes in your place of residence. Mails get lost sometimes and we have no way of knowing it. Although these commercial mailboxes have locks but if your mail got lost before it even reach your mailbox, it is something that cannot be prevented anymore. There are around 50 condo units in this building so just imagine how many mails come every day. I hope that my mail just went into somebody else’s mailbox who has a heart of putting it back in our box. I really need this mail so that I can file my tax already.

Hubby has been telling me not to expect the lost mail anymore. I am giving few more days. If I don’t get it by Saturday, I have no choice but to request for another one.

Medium Pizza For $6.99


I don't have time to cook dinner for tomorrow. I will be working late so me and hubby decided that i'll just stop by PJ on my way home. They have two medium two toppings pizza for $6.99 each... and we love PJ next to PH.

We just had dinner but we are already planning what to eat for tomorrow....ngi!

Winter Break


It‘s winter break from school for my little daughter. They have a whole week off that started last Monday. Monday was President’s day so she was happy that me and hubby have no work too. Actually, it ended just me and her hanging out Monday because my husband was called at his job because of the snow. Yesterday, I brought her to my job but she got bored because we do not have a satellite TV at work where she can watch her favorite cartoon channel. So for today Wednesday I asked her where she wants to go. She told me to go to the babysitter’s house so that she can watch her shows on their satellite TV. This babysitter has been her sitter since she was months old so if there is anybody that I wanted to take care of my daughter if I am not available, it would be her babysitter. She is like a second mother to her, and her loves my daughter so much.

It is almost 3:00 o’clock p.m. and my husband is already on the way to picking up our daughter. I am just happy that our schedule works well when our daughter is not in school keeping her away from us for only around five hours if we are both working. It was tough when she was still a baby. We spent too much money on babysitting alone.

Does Your Kid Likes Brocolli?


My daughter does. She likes brocolli since she was still a baby. She used to call them "tree" but now that she's bigger, she does not call them "tree" anymore. Brocolli is not the only vegetable she eats, she also likes spinach, string beans, eggplant and fresh salads. I don't let her to feel that it is a big deal to be eating veggies. I want her to grow up knowing that vegetables are eaten regularly. She is loving them and I am so happy about it.

The Baby Is Now a Lady


My good friend from high school sent me pictures of my god daughter taken during her recent Junior and Senior prom. Oh my God! The little girl I used to babysit when I was still in the Philippines is now a lady. I cannot believe seeing her so grown and beautiful on her prom night. Sarah (that’s my god daughter’s name) and her friends look so stunning in their group picture wearing their prom dresses. All of a sudden, I had a reality check. How old are these girls now? My friend says that most of them are only sixteen but what a transformation evening dresses can make to these kids! Sarah does not have any boyfriend yet but she goes out on dates with her male friends sometimes. Mommy and Daddy are a little bit strict on this matter.

I have a long way to go. My daughter is still in first grade. I started late but I am not rushing her to grow. Sometimes I wish that she can just be a kid forever because I tell you, they grow fast. For now, just enjoy and cherish each precious mommy moment with your kids.

CB's Shrimpfest


Got this email from Charlie Brown that their shrimpfest is on again. Because this family loves seafoods so much, shrimpfest is one of our favorite deals at CB. To top it all, they are also offering a $5 off coupon for a purchase of $20.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Changes Coming Up


I am talking about changes in the company I work with. First, we are putting another branch in New Jersey. The target date for the opening of this new branch is this summer. A branch manager was already hired and now the management is getting busy hiring drivers, office workers and warehouse people. If I am willing to move down south I can work at our new branch but relocating is just too difficult if you have a family.

Next change to happen is the upgrade of our system. We will start using scanner for all our sales and inventory. Just recently, we have been accepting online payments from customers. This lessens our workload every end of the month; eliminating the printing, stuffing and mailing of statements. As soon as our merchant account got approved, all these changes took effect.

We got a good deal when we sign up for our ach merchant account. My company was able to avail of the limited time offer of the $300 value free. It was a big savings for us. Interested about this offer? You can call 1800-774-7597 or sign up with no set up fees at

Monday, February 21, 2011

Max Inside Out


This is Max from the outside. It's a two storey building. They don't have their own parking for customers but there is a meter parking very close to the area or park on the street if you are lucky to get one.

The lobby, i mean, the first floor/waiting area. When I first saw this, it seems that it is so quiet, like nobody was dining at all. This is where you pick up your to go orders.

No it is not quiet at all when you go to the second floor. It is a madhouse actually. It was packed (probably because we went on a Saturday). The waiters are very apologetic naman. This shows how the pinoys miss the max fried chicken in the philippines.

Buying Some Meds


I was watching the news from Philippines and it saddens me seeing a lot of Filipinos cannot afford proper hospital treatment because they do not have the health insurance or it is too expensive for them. I have heard stories of patients being denied treatment at hospitals because they do not have the money upfront at the hospital. Yes, getting sick or being on medication is expensive. Just like at my job, last year our insurance plan was changed again. Before we only pay $5 every pay check but since they changed insurance, a single person pays at least $20 every pay check and we get paid weekly. Imagine how much I should pay for a family. I have a co-worker whose wife is on medication for arthritis and with our new insurance, he cannot afford the co-pay for his wife prescription drugs anymore so he started looking for an alternative. Somebody told him to check some Canadian pharmacy online if he is interested to buy celebrex medicine.

Canada drugs can be ordered via the internet or by fax, mail or email by just downloading the forms available on their website or simply calling them at 1-877-270-3784. I have not tried ordering medicine online but i heard that a lot of people are doing it. To check prices and available medication, you can visit their website at

Finally, We Have One in NJ


Yes, Max Fried Chicken is here in NJ. It is called Max of Manila, along Newark Avenue in Jersey City, same street as Red Ribbon Bakeshop. Max opened late last year and has been packed with diners (pinoys and non-pinoys) almost always. I'll share our Max experience on my next post.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Used Cars At Park Auto Mall


Is it true that the best time to buy cars and SUVs is during President Day sale? Based on my experience, my husband’s last Ford F 150 was bought on a President day weekend and we got good deals at Tampa used cars. Then, when we replaced the truck with our mini van, we bought the van on a Thanksgiving weekend and just the same we got some good deals like zero down and zero interest. To me, it does not really matter when you buy cars to get a good deal but a high credit score will help you with the financing and credit approval.

Are we looking for another car? Not yet, as long as my car still runs, we are holding it until the next two years or so. Hope my car will stay in good running condition. The car dealers know when you are due for another car because they keep on sending you flyers and invitations in the mail. Every week I get one or two mails for a buy back offer on my car, no down payment or pre-approved loans. I sure do love driving a brand new car but it is not within our budget right now. We will talk about this next time.

$5 Coupon At Charlie Brown


New coupons from charlie brown were in my inbox today. Shrimpfest is also back at Charlie Brown and if you have this coupon, you get a discount of $5 for a food purchase of $20. This perfect for dinner this weekend.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Fireplace For Home


We do not have a fireplace at home. We live in a condo unit that has no individual fireplace in each unit although there is one at the lobby. I do not even know the difference between having firewood and gas logs burning but according to the maintenance guy in our building, he likes gas logs better because it is not messy. He recommends using the R.H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs, from Hansen Wholesale, a company that sells both vented and ventless gas logs with guaranteed lowest price, located in the City of Industry in California. The terms vented and ventless logs are somewhat new to me but i do understand what is wood burning and gas fireplace. He did not explain them really but the maintenance guy said that we use the wood burning fireplace in our building.

If we decide to get a single family home in the future, I want to make sure it has a fireplace in the living room. The warmth that the fireplace brings to the whole house is a lot different to the electric heat we have. It is more natural, not leaving you dry skin during winter time. I have to do my homework by reading fireplace and gas log FAQs to get a better understanding on how each kind works.

Stopping By Wendy's


My daughter has a dr appointment at 6pm for her annual check up. I am leaving work at 5 pm then pick her up from home then to the doctor. Hubby is staying home cooking dinner but i felt so hungry so what is the best option? Stop by Wendy's and grab something to eat. We got the chicken nuggets meal. We thought we had too much food but we finished it. I guess we were so hungry.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going Back To School


I have been trying to go back to school. It is a promise to me that once my daughter starts her full day regular school, mommy will start thinking of going back to school. I already did my first step by submitting my registration and payment but the class was re-scheduled to September so I went to another college to register this spring and I did it today. Mommy is a student now. It is only an online education but it is the way to start it.

Next thing I will be doing is find college scholarships available. Education is expensive so if we can get a scholarship it will be a big savings in our pocket. Lucky are those who get scholarships for medical students because tuition fees in medical schools are way too high. This is the profession that is worth spending that money anyway. Being a doctor or surgeon is one of the highest paid professions we have. And here is another thing about scholarships; do you know that there is an organization that offers scholarships for left handed students? My friend just mentioned it to me. How I wish I am a lefty.

I will be starting my online school this end of the month. I am excited. After decades of being out of school, this mom is going to be a student again.

Heart Shape Pizza


Just saw this valentine day offer from papa john's pizza. It was in my mailbox and never got the chance to open it before valentine. This could have been perfect for heart's day but good to know that you do make heart shape pizza on valentine's day. Too late now but 'til next valentine.

Monday, February 14, 2011

When Snow Melts


Now that it’s 65 degrees outside, all the snow on the roof is starting to melt. I was walking outside to my car when I heard the sound of water from the drainage coming from the gutter. I thought that it was raining hard because when I saw how much water was coming out of the pipes and falling on the cluster mailboxes, it was like rain pouring. They are not rain but just water melting from the roof. I hope this water that come rushing from the pipes would not create some damage on these community mailboxes. These commercial mailboxes are already old that needs a lot of reinforcement and repair.

We are halfway through February and it is not a guarantee that we are not getting any more snow storm before Spring finally comes. In the past, snow came even on Easter Sunday. The kids have already exhausted all their snow days and if we get another snow storm, that day will be deducted from their spring break and they do not like that. Anyway, whatever comes we will just deal with it but for now we enjoy this advance warm weather we have.

Google's Valentine


Here's google's way of celebrating valentine's day. A new logo just for heart's day in red, blue and green.


Spring Colors For Babies


We went to the outlet mall yesterday to shop for my computer. I have been comparing several notebooks depending on my computer needs and my budget. Although I really need a computer badly, I did not buy one on without making my homework.

Saturday night, I told my husband that I already decided on what computer to get. I am not buying it at the store and I do not see any store carrying that particular model. Anyway, it is free shipping so it’s not an additional cost to have it shipped at home. Hubby just told me, ok, but let’s go to the outlet first thing in the morning tomorrow.

And viola, they have the notebook at the outlet branch at a cheaper price but in pearl white. It has a faster processor than the one I was eyeing online. I do not care about the color, I like white anyway. So, my quest for a new laptop ended yesterday. The transaction was done in 15 minutes.

Since we still have much time left in our hands (we did not expect that we will be out of the store in 15 minutes), we did some window shopping. Oh boy, the shops are starting to put spring stuffs. It is the best time to get some baby nursery ideas if you are planning to decorate your baby’s room. The spring colors are just perfect baby colors for decorating and painting. I love the colors of yellow, green, pink and purple.

So, my valentine day was complete. To me, V is for Valentine and Vaio.

Yummy Heart Cookies


This is the yummy heart shaped sugared cookies we had today at work. I took a picture of this yesterday not knowing it will be the same cookies i'm going to eat at work today but beautifully wrapped in a pink bag with a red heart bow.

It's for the ladies. Yummy!

So How’s Everybody Spending Valentine’s Day?


We already had our Valentine dinner yesterday since we are both at work today and won’t be home after 6 pm. Also, to avoid the crowds and waiting time at restaurants, the day before Valentine’s Day is lesser chaos than the day itself. Right now, I just had my lunch. My boss was so sweet to all the ladies. We all got a bag of these heart shaped sugared cookies. I know where he got them and I already had some of these cookies yesterday. I even took a picture of the cookies inside the display stands when I and hubby were at the bakery yesterday.

It’s not bad having a working Valentine day. The day is almost over and in two hours or even earlier, I am on my way home. As soon as I am done doing my research on exhibition furniture Sydney, I can leave work. I just have to finish this for the forthcoming trade show we are planning this coming April. And speaking of April, we are having an April like weather today at 65 degrees. This is a big change from last week’s cold temperature.

Happy Valentine's Day To All!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have Some Peeps On Valentine's Day


My daughter went to Walgreens today with hubby to buy some valentine cards for her classmates. She came home with a bag of peeps strawberry creme marshmallow hearts for me.

She is just as sweet as this peeps.

Xoxo =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Buying Some Scrubs


So what I have been doing during the three days that I was at home? Other than taking care of my dear daughter, I did a lot of online shopping. While my daughter takes a nap, I was in the computer doing my favorite thing. It was not a normal shopping for me though because I was not shopping for clothes and shoes but peaches nursing uniforms for my niece in the Philippines. She recently passed the nursing board exams and now she got accepted to work in a hospital in Manila. As a treat for her, I promised to send her several scrubs complete set as her work uniform. I picked all white colors but she specifically requested for one pink scrub. I totally forgot that her favorite color is pink.

As I was shopping for my niece, all of a sudden I feel so old. This kid was only in Kindergarten when I left Philippines but look at her now. She is done with school and about to start a nursing career. I feel old but happy for all her achievements. Hope one day she can join me here in America.

Quick Dinner At Sarku


We had a quick dinner tonight at Sarku before hubby went to play tennis. We both had our favorites - chicken teriyaki. Hubby had the extra meat with extra sauce. It's yummy.
Price for one meal is $5.99 plus $1.50 for extra meat.

Nice Weather For The Weekend


I was out from work for three days when my daughter was sick. She is back to school this morning and I am crossing my fingers that the school will not call me. If I get no call, it means she is feeling well already (which is what I have been hoping and praying). Now I am also back at the office with loads of work to do on my desk. My boss was so kind to pay me for all the days I was gone although I already used up all my sick days.

So, what is exciting to happen this weekend? Other than it’s Valentine’s Day (we always do our Valentine dinner the day before Feb 14 to avoid the crowd on restaurants), we are going to have a warm weekend. It is going to be in the 40’s starting tomorrow. You may say, how could it be warm when it’s still in the 40’s? You learn to appreciate what is a 40 degree weather when you are in the East Coast. Anyway, these warm days are reminding me to do a search for chains rain. I need one 12 foot rain chain for the kids swing. I remember when it broke last year, my husband just tied the rain chains with a string to keep it together but we need new ones to avoid accidents. The swing has to be fixed since the kids love playing when they are outside the house. We are now starting to get ready for spring. It will be here soon.

Oh, Chocolates!


On Yahoo health today, it featured the best and worst chocolate. Do you know that if you eat a square of Ghirardelli milk and caramel chocolate, it contains 73 calories, 4 g. fat ( 2 g. saturated) and 8 g. of sugar?

So instead, Yahoo health is suggesting that you eat:

Ghirardelli Intense Dark twilight delight squares, 72% cacao. With this, you will only get 55 caloties, (compared to the 73), 5 g. fat (3g. saturated. Ugh!) and 3 grams of sugar.

To me, I don’t think there’s much of a difference.

Eat that chocolates alf! It’s Valentine’s Day. You got an excuse!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The New TSX Wagon


Have you seen the new Acura 2011 TSX Wagon? WE have been eyeing this car since we saw it at the website of used cars in West Palm Beach Acura. This car has all the features we want for our next vehicle. First, because it is an Acura and they are known to have a good resale value for its used cars. Next, it is only powered by a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine making it economical in gas. And third, my husband likes station wagon.

When I had my oil change the other day for my car, we saw this station wagon pulled over. Both me and hubby got awed as we follow this beauty into the shop. It was our first time to see one on the road although we already see one being displayed at the dealer. The one we saw at the shop has a built in navigation which is pretty cool but we think we do not really need that feature.

Is the TSX Wagon the one? We have to schedule a test drive first then we decide.

Save And Celebrate VDAy at Qdoba


Don't forget this on Valentine's Day. Bring your loved one at Qdoba, kiss him/her at the cash register and you get a a buy one get one free meal. That's not a hard thing to do on Valentine's Day. Just make sure you're kissing your own girl or man before you get in trouble.

No coupon needed. Just a kiss will do.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Austin Lawyer Ready To Help


It is a day off for me from my paying job but not from household chores. I am home watching TV, cleaning the house and doing the laundry. While I multi-task this morning, I got a phone call from a friend who lives in Texas. She is in a difficult time right now, undergoing a nasty divorce with her soon to be ex-husband. Finally, she made the decision of endorsing her case to an Austin divorce lawyer.

Anybody there who needs an Austin family attorney? The Evans Family Law Group in Texas can help you with your case. James W. Evans, the practice manager, together with his experienced group of lawyers have been extending their services to families in Central Texas for 18 years now. They handle simple to complex divorce cases, child custody or support, grandparents rights or mediation cases between family members.

If you think you need to speak to an Austin family lawyer, call the Evans Family Law Group at (512) 628-2550 or Mr. Evans directly at (512) 628-2571. Feel free to discuss your case to them to be able to know the legal rights and actions available to you. For more information about the services they offer, please visit

Being Home


I enjoy every minute of just being home away from my office. Although there are still household chores to do, I still find time to relax myself and munch my favorite chips from lays while doing my online work. Time flies though when you are having fun....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Broken Notebook


Two weeks ago after my laptop stopped working, I finally made it to the computer repair shop last Sunday. The guy said that my laptop's motherboard is bad and the cost of having it repaired is around $300. What! I can buy a brand new laptop with that!

I have videos and photos in my laptop's hard drive. I am still hoping that I can save those. If I can download them to a usb adapter, I can go to DVD duplicators to have it copied. Then, all of a sudden I thought of just getting a dvd duplicator but when i was reading the dvd duplication guide, it seems that it is unreasonable if its only for personal use. Because of this, I learned my lesson. Next time, I will make sure that all videos and photos are copied on cd's and dvd's to be on the safe side. I have found cheaper cd printers so that i can label them individually.

I am still debating whether to get a netbook or notebook. Whichever i decide to buy next, i have to make sure that i buy the protection plan to save me from high repair cost or maybe a free replacement.

We Stayed Home For The Superbowl


Since we are recovering from flu, we decided to stay home to watch the superbowl. We opted not to go to our friend's house for the super bowl party. It's better that we stay home and not get anybody sick.

So, we just ordered our favorite meat lovers large pan pizza and mild chicken wings from Pizza Hut. We had it delivered and our orders came after 1 hour. We were expecting it to be delayed because of it's super bowl night but probably pizza hut had their crew all ready for the big night. Great job, pizza hut!

Monday, February 7, 2011

More Warm Days Please


I hope everybody had a good weekend. For a change, we have a warmer day yesterday. We were in the low 40 degree temperature, a break from the freezing weeks since the New Year. The snow on our roof started to melt. You fell like it is raining because of the water dripping from the gutter. Thank God for this warm weather, saving us from worrying that one day our roof will collapse because of too much snow on it.

How I wish the water dripping from the roof was really rain falling on our rain barrels. We have bought several rain water barrels last spring for collecting water to be used on my plants during the warm season. I use the rain to water my small vegetable garden in our backyard. Before spring time comes, I have to look for more rain barrels for sale because I left some of them uncovered this winter and they got filled with ice causing some crack at the bottom. Hubby said I can use them as big planters instead.

I do not see any forecast of snow this week. Hope the weather stays the same until the end of this month. Once March is here, we can think that spring is just around the corner.

Vietnamese Hot Soup


We all went for a soup at our favorite vietnamese restaurant last Sunday. We all felt a little better and since the weather was cooperating at 40 degrees, we decided to eat out for a late lunch. It was our first time to be out of the house since Friday when we all got sick. The hot soup indeed was so good; makes you sweat so with the hot tea. The daughter does not really order soup for herself but she did yesterday. She made the whole day in school today but she is not in the playful mood yet.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tickets Online


It is basketball season and who would not want to see their favorite team play, right? I would love to go if I get free New York Knicks Tickets. Madison Square Garden is just a train away from us. I have been to a Nets game already when my boss gave two New Jersey Nets tickets for me and my husband. My boss used to get season tickets but i think he stopped this year.

Do you need tickets? is a professional ticket broker that can provide you with tickets to any sports, theater or concerts across the country. Even if you live in New Jersey or California and you want to purchase Miami Heat Tickets or Philadelphia 76ers tickets, is the answer. You can view the seating chart on the website before you purchase your tickets so that you will know where you will be seating at the stadium. All tickets purchase are shipped to via fedex. Once I have enough saved money I will also buy from two Boston Red Sox Tickets when they play against the Yankees at the Yankee Stadium. We have to check this new stadium that opened last year. After the Superbowl, we look forward for the baseball season, and also a sign that winter is almost over.

We Missed Panera


We miss having our weekend breakfast at our favorite bagel shop. They day has been spent resting, sleeping and staying indoors.

Thanks for all the good wishes. Both are getting better although the daughter is still trying to recover her appetite. She has a birthday party to go to tomorrow but I don't think I will let her go. The name of the place where the party be at is "bounce u" so what do you expect the kids be doing the whole time? It's her classmate birthday. I know she will miss a lot of fun but i don't want her to have a relapse.

So i hope everybody is enjoying their weekend and excited for the super bowl party tomorrow.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Will Spring Come?


It was predicted on groundhog day 2011 that Spring will come early this year. This is good news to people in the East Coast. We are already fed up of the snow. We had experienced so many snow storms almost every week that we just want spring to come as early as possible.

As soon as the weather gets warmer, we right away start planning for the company picnics. The company I work with has three branches in New Jersey and one in New York state. During summer time, all these branches get together for a picnic. I heard that for this year, the picnic will be in New York for a change. They have been looking for a picnic catering ny that can do the planning of the whole event. Another picnic catering nj will be hired if the venue is changed in the future.

If you are planning to have a big picnic get together, MBS Caterserve can provide you with an all inclusive catering services for your group. They will be in charge of all the details, food and entertainment that everybody will enjoy. You have a choice if you want your picnic be held in their company premises or at various day camp picnic areas in New Jersey or New York. To get more information, you can check or call 1-877-238-4759.

Friday, February 4, 2011

This Household Is Sick


Hubby started it. Fever, short, flu. He went home early Tuesday because he was not feeling well. Yesterday, the daughter came home from school with her throat starting to hurt. She just slept when she got home from school which was very not normal for her. She only does that when she is not feeling well. She was running a fever.

Today, I called out from work and called my daughter out from school too. Although hubby is home but still not too 100% well, I can't go to work if my family is like this especially the little one. Hubby is another baby too when he's sick. That's my point actually, lol.

I hope I don't get it. I have been trying to shield myself by drinking my vitamins and ginger. Not me, not me, pleeaase!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Scion iQ


When you speak of the rising price of gas, we are not a happy camper. With the ongoing crisis right now, they are predicting that it will affect gas prices of at least additional of 10 cents per gallon. We do not want any more cents on every gallon of gas.

If gas prices keep on going up, car manufacturers see it as a demand for smaller and more efficient cars. Like us, we are anticipating this by planning to buy a smaller car as our next vehicle. We are one of the thousands or even more who are going into this trend. So what is the answer of automakers into this demand? Smaller cars are being made. Like Scion, they are launching a mini car called 2011 scion iq, which Scion calls as the world’s smallest four-seat car. The target date for Scion iq to be in the market is this coming spring 2011. The Scion iq is powered by 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine making it very gas efficient, has a front wheel drive with continuously variable automatic transmission. I have been checking the scion iq pricing since a saw a picture of it at the New York Auto show. It is a car most definitely appealing to our youth. With its standard six speaker audio system, auxiliary and usb inputs for ipods and mp3’s plus steering wheel controls, it will surely be a fun car to drive.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Entrecard is Well


I think entrecard is working perfectly now. I can see the number of drops I did today and those that I have not made a drop yet. I wonder if the warning mesage about auto widget scanner still applies?
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