Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Wedding Gift


Posted by Gaylord Campbell

I was so lucky that when I got married my parents decided to buy my husband and I our own home. We were doing well on our own, but we could have never afforded to own our own home so early if it wasn’t for their generosity. My husband was really worried that there would be some conditions attached to the gift, and it made him kind of uncomfortable. In order to make my husband feel better about the situation I asked my parents point blank if the expected anything in return from us for the gift. Luckily my parents understood where my hubby was coming from and weren’t offended at all. They did say they had one condition on buying us the house though. They would like us to get a home security system before moving in so that they can feel like we are safe in our new home. We decided if that was the only expectation then we would search home security new yorkand get a system right away. We thought that was a reasonable request and we would be stupid to turn down their generosity because of it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Goodies


Here at my job, we get so much goodies during this holiday season courtesy of our customers. Almost everyday we get one or two and right away they open them for everybody to eat. I would not be surprised if i gain at least 5 lbs after the holidays. These are some photos of what we got today. i forgot to take pictures of boxes of chocolates on top of the counters. and, tomorrow we are going to have our Christmas lunch here at work. Oh no to my diet!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Fav Snack At Target


A shopping at Target is not complete without having something to eat at the store. Our favorite food every time we are at the Target store - 2 combo personal pizza (cheese and pepperoni) with bread sticks from pizza hut. The bread sticks with the marinara dipping sauce is a perfect pair for your pizza. I think for the combo and a medium soda is around $6 bucks. Always ask for the fresh bake when you order.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Increase Online Traffic


When you have a website or an online business, there a lot of marketing strategies to be done to get traffic and make customers go to your website. There are billions of internet users and this is a huge market for your business. You have to get it right so these internet users have reasons to visit and come back to your website.

There is a company called Discount Click Online Marketing Services that can be helpful in increasing your website’s marketing strategies to get search engine traffic and increase online business sales. They provide an affordable search engine promotion services for as low as $50 per month. The services Discount Click offers, to name a few, are, SEO Consulting, Pay Per Click Management, Code Optimization, Content Writing, monitoring and reporting, Search Engine Marketing and a lot more. Their aim is to be on the top ranking on all major internet search engines like google, yahoo, msn, aol, netscape, etc. which can give results in ranking performance within 2-4 weeks. For more information about discount click products, services and pricing, please visit their website at to register or call them at 1-866-456-8652 to get a free quote.

Monday, November 28, 2011



I don't really have a better picture of our thanksgiving food from my own camera but this shot taken from the ipod. I am still waiting for my friend to upload them on facebook. The most important this was i captured the turkey before my husband carve it. So thankful so this abundance of food.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stand Up For Family


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Any type of family get together is a bonding moment with your loved ones. For me and hubby, we only have our own daughter with us, the two step daughters who are grown are now living on their own. This is the reason why when chances of being together come, we always make it a point to go to be with one another as a whole family again, even temporary. We have to treasure the moment we are together. Just like the Stand Up For Family show being presented by American Family Insurance, it is another way of bringing up the family together. It is a wholesome show which every member can relate where some of today's hottest comedians would present experiences from their own families in a very humorous way. Laughing it out with the family is a perfect spending of quality time together.
Family is important. To me, my family is the one who gives me unconditional love and support. I was so happy that we celebrated out thanksgiving tonight with the whole family. It was a loving five hours of being together. Although some have to leave early because of work and the little kids got bored (because they did not bring any of their games), we had a great time. When kids started complaining, it reminds me of the video clip for the AmFam comedy show where Bill Bellamy was talking about how kids were being creative back in the days. Now, it is totally different. When kids do not have their games or gadgets, after a while, they will say it is boring. Why not play hide and seek or tagging game just like how we do it when we were kids? I wish we can go back to those times where kids are having more fun outside the house not sitting in front of the computer or playing electronic games. I am so seriously talking here but when you see how Bill Bellamy do a stand up comedy about “Still Free,” it is hilarious. Stand Up For Family is a great show for the family.

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Shopping For Prescription Glasses


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


I already have a pair of prescription glasses but I want an extra pair. Do not ask me how much I paid for my first glasses. Had I known about Zenni Optical’s quality but cheap eyeglasses , I could have saved a lot of money for my Christmas shopping.

As I was saying, I need another pair of prescription glasses so that I can leave it in my car for emergencies. We always say we learned a lot from experience and that’s exactly what happened to me. Last Tuesday, I forgot to grab my glasses on my way out going to school and I was in my class having a hard time reading my textbook. I am far sighted so I was fine driving and reading what my professor wrote on the board but everything was blurry when I read my notes and book. I was miserable. Good thing, we did not have a quiz that day. Lesson learned: get another pair of eyeglasses.

I still have a copy of my prescription that I can send to Zenni Optical but why are Zenni’s eyeglasses a lot cheaper than other brands? Because, Zenni manufactures its own brand using the latest modern materials and they sell direct from their factories to the customers. There is no middlemen, no retail overhead and advertising expenses that would add up to the cost. I already know which design I want to order. A $16 pair of prescription eyeglasses is all I need in today’s economy. Always save when you shop. Thanks Zenni for the savings and a fashionable eyeglasses.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's Cooking?


My kitchen is busy since noon time. The morning was spent going to the supermarket for last minute ingredients and food shopping. I prefer going to the grocery early Thursday morning than Wednesday night, if i really have to make a second trip. Our supermarket is open up to 4pm today so it is another thing to be thankful of.

So, what's cooking in my kitchen? We are not going to have the Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year but my assignment is to bring some seafood. I am making glazed baked salmon, yellow rice and stir fry asparagus plus two trays of shrimp cocktail my husband ordered.

Hope everybody is enjoying their celebration of Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ethan's Birthday


It was ethan's birthday last Saturday. Kids all had fun at the jump station. After all the jumping for almost an hour, they were treated to pizza and muffins. Here is the picture of Ethan's cake in Mickey and Minnie design. This is all because of our summer trip to disneyworld last august. Kids wants to go back.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puppies Vs. Babies


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


We always see contests about “the cutest baby” or “the cutest puppy” but this time, it is something different. It is a battle between the two. It is the Puppies vs. Babies online contest. Let us find out if babies are really cuter than puppies or if puppies are really cuter than babies? This is something fun and a real battle because I for one would say that my baby is a lot cuter that any puppies. She has the most contagious laugh and a lovely smile all the time. My daughter likes puppies too but never she would say that puppies are more beautiful than her.
Let's us do this contest and see who wins between Puppies vs. Babies. There are hundreds of photos of babies and puppies were submitted for casting unfortunately round 1 which is the view and vote is now closed. But, you can still cast your vote for round 2. Among the 16 highest rated photo during round 1, they will be put into two bracket game match-ups, one for babies and one for puppies. Then it will be your chance to vote for the winners in four elimination rounds and then determine who is the top baby and top puppy. The parents or owners of the top baby and top puppy receives $5,000. The final round comes next which is the crowning of the champion. This is will be on or around November 19. So who do you think is the cutest, the puppy or the baby? We need your votes. Please vote today and share your comments section who you are going to vote.
I am so excited who is going to win this unique contest. I am predicting, the cutest will be a baby. How about you? Who is your bet?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Full Size Comforter Set For Home


I have been delaying my shopping for comforter sets for my daughter. Since we upgraded her bed to a full size, I have not bought anything yet for the winter. I have a lot of full bed sheet sets but I need thick blankets and comforter sets. I only have twin size comforters for the bed she used to have. So, what am I waiting for? I am waiting for a big sale where I can have big discounts when I go shopping.

BrylaneHome is having a sale right now on their comforters and sets. By using the promo code BHWEBHITS, you can get 20% off your highest priced item plus free shipping upgrade. Almost all the comforter set collection is on sale up to 60% off and with the additional savings by using the code, I can get a big discount. Other discounts are also available when you open a Brylanehome credit card.

I like to get this for Isabella’s room. I do not think I still need the tailored valance but the grape color really matches her curtains. It is a reversible comforter set that includes sheets, pillowcases and shams. This will be a perfect for her forthcoming birthday too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love to Cook!


Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo

I’ve always loved to cook and when I got old enough for my own place I totally decked my kitchen out. I got the copper pans and all the cookware you could imagine and I even got that Viking stove I’d heard so much about for so long. When I moved in I also went to make sure I’d get the Food Network because that’s pretty much all that’s ever one my TV, if we’re being honest. I can’t imagine a time when I’m not watching Rachel Rayor Barefoot Contessa whip something up and you know, I think I’ve learned a lot just from absorbing what they say. I think my all time favorite has to be Nigella Lawson because she’s so sultry and sexy and she’s got that awesome British accent. She’s a really good cook, too and you can’t really ask for more in a woman than that! My mom sure wishes I’d find someone like her and settle down but you know, I can cook for myself!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eat All You Can @ CiCi's


It is all you can eat at Cici's pizza. You select from at least seven to eight varieties of pizzas like pepperoni, cheese, chicken with white sauce (my favorite), spinach in white sauce, beef, ham, pasta, etc. There is endless pasta, chicken macaroni soup, bread sticks and a small salad bar. For your dessert, they have brownies and cinnamon roll. Their pizza is good and what i like more is that they are thin pizzas.

Price for adults is $7 and kids are $4. Drinks are additional.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Does Advertising Agencies Come Up With Effective Campaigns?


Here is a scenario. When we go shopping, the daughter will normally see kids stuffs on the shelves that she does not really pay too much attention but as soon as we get home and she sees those on TV, she would right away says “mommy, I want that for my Christmas present?” When she sees things being advertised on TV or internet, it has a different impact than when she just sees them in a store. I give big credit to the advertising agency that does the campaign for these products. Even me as a mom, the ads I see on TV has big influence on the way I shop especially on food and health and beauty products. I would not know these new products on the market and how effective they are unless I see the ads on TV, newspapers or while surfing online. I become aware of its existence. The ad I see is so effective; makes me want to buy the product and try it.

If you have new products to sell or advertise, THAT! Advertising Agency can help you with the ad campaign using the new trends in advertising. Their main goal is to make the client happy through the success of the advertising campaign they offer and big return on investment. More information about THAT! Advertising Company can be found on

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Candies


After an hour of trick or treating in our neighborhood, more candies were added to what was left at home. There could have been more but my feet were already complaining although my daughter wants to do another block. Nobody is eating all these candies at home. They are in a ziploc bags now inside the box for philippines.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Candies For Trick or Treaters


Two weeks before halloween, I already have bags of candies for trick or treaters. The kids that come at my house is unpredictable, sometimes they come as if a bus just parked at the corner and other times, we only get a few. So what do we do with all the extra candies? They go to the balikbayan box so with the candies that Isabella will get from trick or treating. My husband takes care of the kids that would come knocking on Halloween while me and Isabella will go trick or treating.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Auto Insurance For Teens


At age 17, kids can start to drive. Just like the step daughter who was so excited to drive, she purchased her own car, not at 17 though but as soon as she turned 18 years old. She has a job so she has the money to buy a car. When you are a teenager and driving, first you have to face is your monthly car insurance. There is no such thing as affordable car insurance for teen drivers especially if you live in my state.

How I wish I can get her a discount auto insurance. The step daughter is paying more than her car note for her car insurance. I guess she was prepared for that because we never heard her complaining. We just keep on reminding her to be very careful when driving to avoid any points in her driver license. So far, she has been very good.

Do you want to get a free auto policy quotes for your car? Avail of the services being offered by to know what kind of coverage you may need for your car. For students like the step daughter, AIM Auto Insurance has a program called inexpensive student coverage. Probably that is worth checking to save money for your kids who are starting to drive. For more information, just visit their website to contact them or get a free quote for your vehicle.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hats For The Little Ones


We have a christening to go this Sunday for a baby boy named Kris Jacob. He is the first child of our former co-worker. We have not seen this guy for almost ten years and we accidentally bumped into each at the Oriental store, He had his newborn with him that time in a stroller wearing one of those cute baby hats for winter. To make a long story short, we got an invitation in the mail for the baby's christening two weeks after.

I think I made the right choice of getting the latest babies hats as out gifts. I got two for him but I found another one that is too cute at They sell not only hats but also accessories for newborn and toddler boys and girls. There are plenty of styles to choose from in different functional designs with comfortable materials to keep you child warm this winter. Check out also their cute headbands for baby girls, booties and blankets. For expectant moms who wants to keep the gender of their babies a surprise, has neutral color for babies in different cute designs. You will fall in love with everything that has. Bookmark their website in your computer for easy browsing. Hope you already got your perfect hat for trick or treating with your little ones.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

7 Eleven Has Wings


Our local 7-11 is selling wings. How did I find out? There is a subway restaurant next to it and we were ordering when hubby said we need chips to go with our sandwiches. So instead of getting the chips from SW, i went next door to get the bigger bag of chips. As I was paying, i saw this chicken wings so delicious looking so i ordered 5 pcs of the spicy zing. We were still in the car and we could smell the aroma. I tell you, it was not the best but it was good, and cheap. Not bad at all. Nice try mom.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where To Shop For Plus Size Shoes


You are in the mood to go shopping. You planned to replace your worn winter boots to a brand new one so you go to a store to buy it earlier before the winter comes. But, how frustrated are you when you have been to several stores but still cannot find your size? Here is a solution. You do not have to leave your home to shop for the plus size shoes. Simply go to to find all kinds of shoes available in sizes 7-11, 12 in M, W and WW.

I like this Wendy Soft microfiber hiker shoes by Comfortview which looks so comfortable for everyday wear. It is an easy lace-up with padded insole, nonskid rubber sole available in soft microsuede in colors brown, olive and black. This shoe comes in women’s medium, wide and wide boots and in full and half sizes from 7-12. Other shoes and boot styles are available with discounts up to 60% off. When shopping at Jessica London online, you do not have to worry about freight. Enjoy free shipping everyday for purchases of $100 or more and no coupons needed. For more benefits and discounts, open a Jessica London credit card available in gold, platinum and elite.

Start your holiday shopping now at Jessica London. Do not forget to sign up for email today and get a 40% off coupon in your mailbox. Enjoy shopping!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday Dinner


We were experimenting on this newly opened restaurant.

Food is being prepared right in front of you.

I got the classic doner - seasoned lamb and veal mixture in very thin slices, roasted on a rotisserie. Instead of having it as a sandwich i got the platter that came with rice, humus shepherd salad and some sauce. I am not sure if it is a Turkish food or Greek but it was delicious.

My daughter got the Classic Burger with american cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion. It was too big. She only finished half of it.

For hubby, he got the chicken shish kebab, marinated chicken breast chr grilled on skewer but since he chose on a sandwich so it came on a big bun.

Monday, October 10, 2011

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is breast cancer month. Pink is everywhere in celebration of national breast cancer awareness. I was watching a football game yesterday and the players had either pink socks, shoe laces and even the lines on the grasses are pink. People are being made aware through the different medias like television, radio or by giving out breast cancer awareness products. A co-worker even gave all the women in the office pink bracelets in support of the importance of early breast cancer detection.

If you wish to order breast cancer awareness products such as the ribbon or breast cancer survivor pins, pink caps, bracelets, key chains, coffee mugs or water bottle has every collections not only for breast cancer awareness but for other different awareness causes products. You can view the different designs they have at their website before placing your orders. Also, read about the reviews and feedback they get from customers who keep on coming back for more orders. Pin Mart’s main goal is to give its customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on the products they sell.

Pin mart is offering 15% discount for today’s shoppers. Sign up also for their email exclusive to get money-saving promotion codes and discounts. If you are shopping for pins or any products for giveaways, always check for best bargain. They can also be reached by phone at 1877-746-6278.

A $9.99 Buffet Lunch


We got so preoccupied Saturday morning that we forgot we did not eat a decent breakfast. I think we only had coffee and a piece of toast. At around 12 noon, we were like starving so we went out to find something to eat. We saw a lot of fast food restaurants along the way but we were not in the mood for any burgers or friend chicken then we found this $9.99 buffet lunch. We've seen this restaurant before but not the $10 sign. So we went...

First impression: it is clean and not the typical chinese buffet where food are served in big aluminum trays. On this one, they had their food on big square white plates, very clean on the side, not over flowing..just enough and regularly refilled once they see it is becoming empty. They served not only chinese food but some malaysian, thai and vietnamese. I like the place and the food was great. They are more on quality food and service.

Overall experience: Very good, recommended and we are coming back again.

Buying Nursing Uniforms


This could have been a day for shopping but since I have work today, my husband went to play tennis instead after he brought our daughter to school. Yes, it is not a holiday for the daughter too. I was trying to convince my husband to at least start buying some of the orders from the Philippines but he does not want to go to the mall without me. I missed the bargains on Columbus day sale today.

Most of the orders are shoes, clothing and two pairs of nursing uniforms scrubs. I do not buy the scrubs at the mall but I order them online at . Blue sky scrubs have the best quality nursing scrubs, medical uniforms and apparel for men, women and children. They have fashionable designs with matching accessories that match the outfit. They also have scrub hats, lab coats, shirts, jackets and custom scrub tops and pants. Do not forget to check the sale items for more savings and discounts. Shopping is easy at All items have images on the website with detailed description and size chart is also available for your convenience. UPS ground shipping is free for orders of $155 or more. Start shopping now at Blue Sky Scrubs.

When Monday Is A Holiday


I love holidays especially when they fall on Mondays. Who would not want a long weekend, right? In the case of getting paid at work, having a long weekend affects us who get paid every week. At my job, we get paid every Tuesday so payroll is sent to the payroll company every Monday. We do not have a company that takes care of our payroll, like the bookkeeper Melbourne. Our employee bookkeeper is the one tallying our hours worked and overtime then submits them to the payroll company who takes care of the check printing and direct deposits. So if there is no work on a Monday, it automatically follows that we do not get paid that Tuesday. Same case applies too if he is out sick on a Monday.

I hope my job hires a professional bookkeeping services to do our payroll. At Bookkeeper Melbourne, they offer offsite bookkeeping and payroll services which are handled by accountants and bookkeepers who are professionally trained in accounting and bookkeeping. The charge of taking their service is not per hour but a fixed monthly fee. There is even an ongoing discount that is being offered at Accounts and Advice website. If you need more information or if you are interested in hiring Accounts and Advice bookkeeping and payroll services for your company, simply visit them at their website on or call at 1300-629-454.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wishful Thinking


Taken in the streets of New York city when it was a hot and sunny summer day. We already missed you summertime. We can't do eating some ice cream or gelato while walking along new york city for quite a while now. It is now time for hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Straight Talk Savings


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


How much is your cell phone bill every month? And, for how long are you going to pay that amount? With Straight Talk, you do not worry about paying high cell phone bills every month anymore. You can still Call a friend but there is no more contract, no surprise bills and no credit checks with great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity. If you want a smartphone, Straight Talk only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. All the smartphones have a touch screen, app capable, voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging and bluetooth. They also have the Android on Straight Talk and reconditioned phones are available from $10.00 with the following features: camera, mp3 player, mobile web access and blue-tooth capability.
Check out the amazing plans Straight Talk has. They have the “All You Need Plan” for heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 tests and 30 mb of web data. If you want unlimited monthly service, you will only pay $45 which includes calls, text, picture messaging and web. This is only $499 if you pay for a whole year. 411 calls are included in the plan with no extra charge and it is always free activation, reactivation and no termination fees. With regards to making international calls, Straight Talk International Long Distance service is available through a prepaid calling service that will allow you to make international calls from your home, cell or office at very low rate.
So, are you excited now about the savings. Maybe you can treat your family to Hook, line and sinker restaurant. Watch this video and see how straight talk can save you money with incredible service.
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food @ Disney World


It is not that bad. I'm referring to prices and also food like hot dogs and fries. We did not eat inside a restaurant so i cannot compare but with these hot dog, fries and soda combo, it was only around $10. Not bad at all. We also some have ice cream for around the same price. I could say food prices are reasonable inside disney world.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buying Scrubs


Before you start looking to nursing scrubs, please do not forget to first visit blu sky scrubs at for the best quality medical scrubs. They have scrubs for women, men and for children in all sizes, even the hard to get petite sizes in different colors. At Blu sky scrubs, you can also get scrubs in different styles, from the classic style scrubs to the stylish ones. They also have lab coats, shirts, jackets and accessories worn by people working in the medical field. Also, do not forget to browse on their sale items for more discounts and savings.

Shopping at blu sky scrubs is so easy. All you have to do is register for free then you can start shopping right away. Tracking your orders online is also available plus you can even buy gift certificates and have them emailed to any person of your choice. At blu sky scrubs, you are guaranteed the comfort and quality of the fabrics used. You also get free shipping on orders of $155 or more with free return and exchanges. Always remember blu sky scrubs when shopping. Sign up and receive emails for discounts and discount. Start shopping at blu sky scrubs now.

Ripe Jackfruit


I found this at the korean store where we buy our fish and some filipino groceries. First time to see a ripe jackfruit on display. Sometimes they also have durian fruit from bangkok but frozen.
A slice of this jackfruit is around $5 to $6 each.

I miss you jack!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cash Store


Have you experienced the days where you run out of cash and the next payday is still two weeks away and you do not want to approach anybody to borrow money because you feel embarrassed? So where will you go for help? Maybe, Cash Store can help you. It is a new way to get fast cash with no credit check.

How does payday loans from cash store work? First thing to do is apply for free at their website ( by filling out the personal and financial information then submit it online. Once your application is submitted, go to any 270 cash stores available in 7 states nationwide. To find one in your area, simply enter your zip code and you can find the closest cash store to you. When you come to the store, the following are required to bring.

For cash advance or installment loans:
Recent paycheck or other proof of income.
Recent checking account statement
Personal check
Driver's license or state issued id

For title loans, please bring:
Your vehicle
Title to the car
Driver's license
For IL residents, recent pay stub or proof of income.
Once approved, you will immediately get your cash (not check) at the Cash Store. It is that fast and easy!

If you are interested to apply for a loan or wants to know more about how cash store works, visit them at or call 1888-950-2274.

Term Life Insurance


Are you shopping for a term life insurance but does not know which company will give you the best life insurance policy? There is a company called Best Term Life Insurance Services that specialize in the sale and marketing of term life insurance. They are not affiliated with a particular insurance company nor they own one but their role is to help you get the best insurance term you need. With the help of experienced life insurance underwriters, they will make it easier for you to shop for the best term insurance, both as to policy and pricing.

How do you start shopping for your life term insurance? There are several factors you need to arrive at the amount of life insurance you want to buy. Some of the common factors are: income, number of years your spouse will need annual income, college expenses, debts, financial support and other expenses. Once you have the figure, you can request for an instant quote at A review will be conducted based on all the information you provided. Then it will be your chance to compare the rates from top insurance providers and select the best policy according to your needs. An insurance expert will be with you throughout the process until you get the best policy for your life term insurance. And also, do not forget to answer the customer satisfaction surveys to let them know how satisfied were you with their services.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A White Pasta For The Weekend


Two kinds of white pasta, first one is spicy with clam shells with olive oil and the second one is not spicy with mushrooms and zuchini with creamy white sauce. We had this for lunch last saturday. Both yummy but i like the spicy one better.

Can You Buy A Home Even With Bad Credit?


One thing that has been instilled in my mind when I arrived here in the U.S. is the importance of having a good credit. To have an outstanding credit score, you start building by paying your bills on time and do not over borrow. Your credit is very important when you are applying for a loan and the interest rate depends on how good or bad your credit is.

So what happens if you have a bad credit and you want to buy a home? Of course, when you have an outstanding credit history, the approval rate is higher but it does not mean you cannot be approved at all if you have a bad credit. There are companies like that specializes in helping people who are trying to get a loan but with not so good credit standing. They can also help you on your construction loans, bailouts, loans with only 3% down, refinancing, loans for self-employed people, first time buyers and a lot more. If you are interested and to help you better with your inquiries, you can contact them or fill out a mortgage inquiry application form on their website ( Good luck on your future home.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Things Make Me Happy


Just went to my favorite fresh market and fresh salmon steaks for $4.99/lb. There were only 6 slices left, bought all of them for $22 bucks!
We love salmon so much, that's why.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Health Insurance


Both I and the husband have our personal healthcare insurance through our own employers. I have mine since I was single so with hubby. Now that we are married, I remained with my job’s medical insurance into which I also enrolled Isabella. It was going smoothly until my company increased our premium to more than double to what I am paying. This made me decide to give up the insurance through my employer and we both enrolled under my husband’s employer as a family. I thought I was the only one who got affected by the tremendous increase in medical insurance at my job but a lot. They have been searching also for discount medical insurance policies available just to save money on the premium. Whatever results they get, they compare what different companies offer to get the best health insurance quotes possible.h
We know how expensive to get sick if you do not have an insurance. My co-workers are still in the process of picking the right one. They have two weeks left before the new insurance at my job would take effect. If they do not find a better alternative, a lot would be left with no choice but take the expensive one.

Chicken Empanadas From Red Ribbon


It is a must we have to take out this yummy chicken empanada from red ribbon. I had the arroz caldo, hubby got the pancit palabok and the daughter had the baked macaroni (sorry, i forgot to take pictures) then this box of empanadas to go (10 pcs.) I think they are $2.40 each.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Planning To Rent An Apartment in Calgary?


Looking for Calgary rentals have become so easy these days because of Calgary is divided into four major areas: north west, north east, south west and south east. At, houses or apartments for rent are available in each area and once you decide which side of Calgary you pick to reside, all properties for rent in that area will be shown online, complete with descriptions, pictures, size of the property, rental pricing including deposit, number of bedrooms and a lot more information needed when renting. If you have a pet, you will readily know if pets are allowed or not.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Lunch


It was the day for pilipino food shopping. We went to a strip mall here in Jersey where you can find a fil. store, bakery that sells/makes pandesal, lechon and kakanin, an lbc, fil restaurant, salon and a vietnamese restaurant. Parking is quite full on weekends especially sundays. After we bought fish, rice, veggies, spices at the fil. store we went to eat at the vietnamese restaurant. The outside of this restaurant is not really appealing but the food is great and cheap. It is always pack and people had to wait for their tables.

I'm stuffed.

Lunch special for me. Grilled chicken over rice.

This is hubby's. A vietnamese soup with clear noodles, beef, shrimps and crab meat. I forgot the exact name but i know what number it is on its menu.

For the daughter, she had sauteed beef cubes with vegetables.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



This guest post from Edgardo Rosa

People-watching has got to be the best part about traveling. I realize that it’s a total waste of time, but there is nothing better than getting to the airport in time to park, get through security and sit down at the bar nearest to your gate for a good dose of America’s finest. Since I don’t travel weekly for work, it’s always a gamble which bar I will be parked at, since I never remember which belongs to each individual concourse between trips. Today, it was a seafood restaurant. I pulled up a seat at the bar, ordered a drink and look around to see what was on Directv. Now, call me crazy, but I would be a little sketched out by eating seafood in an airport. Maybe if the airport were in a seaside city, such as Miami or Tampa, but never anywhere inland. Nevertheless, as I look around, I see many travelers ordering from the menu that could easily pass for a novella. I think I’ll stick with my gin and tonic.

Another Good Deal From Papa Johns


I got this email today. It's a good deal for $10 large pizza. We will try it this weekend. I am not cooking. It's my rest day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shopping Again


Two weeks after school opened, I found the note the school gave out regarding the proper color of socks the kids can wear with their uniforms. I already bought a lot of socks for her in colors that she likes but nothing in the allowed colors by the school. Some of those socks were already worn but those that are still in packages, I have to return them. I wish I can only make an exchange but they do not have the colors I need.

So I went to my favorite online store to purchase them. I can only get free shipping if I order at least $100 worth of items which gave me a reason to shop for more but I was very good. There is really nothing more that I need but I saw the wide calf boots that my friend was eyeing so I immediately called her if she is still interested. I gave her the website link to view the boots and right away she told me to get it for her. She was also happy for saving some money on the free shipping. Now my friend is more excited than my daughter. She cannot wait for her boots to arrive. I bet you, she will be wearing them right away even if it is not winter time yet.

Denny's Is Breakfast And More


Would you believe that we don't have a Denny's here in North Jersey. There was one before but they closed the branch so every time we see a Denny's in area we always grab the chance to eat. We like Denny's anytime of the day, not just for breakfast. We were so happy when we saw one in Orlando.

This was our breakfast on the first morning after we arrived.

A kid's meal for my daughter. Pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Hubby got his favorite - the Lumberjack Slam. Pancakes, grilled ham, bacon strips, sausage links, two eggs, hash brown or toasted bread.

And this is what i got - the French Toast Slam, two slices of thick french toast, two eggs, bacon strips and sausage links. I don't like sausage links so i requested for all bacon.

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