Sunday, July 31, 2011

Straight Talk For My Kid


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


We are going to Florida next week for a short vacation. We are bringing Isabella to see Disney World for the first time. She is too excited. She has started to do the count down already. I got all our "what to bring" things ready except for the phone that i am planning to get her before we leave. I just want to get a phone that she can put in her pocket as we go around Disney world. I am not getting her the expensive phones with contract. I can just get her the Straight talk no contract phone and save the extra money for dinner at hook, line and sinker. Straight Talk has everything you need to text or call a friend. There is no for credit checks, no surprise bills with great national coverage and excellent reception/connectivity. All the phones by Straight Talk are from branded manufacturers like Motorola, LG, Kyocera, Samsung and Nokia. You can buy phones starting from $10 for the reconditioned ones with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue tooth capability. Smartphones with touchscreen and app capable are also available with the following features: camera, voice navigation, voice recorder, music player, instant messaging and bluetooth.
What are the plans available for Straight Talk? If you are a heavy phone user making calls and texting, get the "all you need" plan with 1000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 mb of web browsing. For $45, you can get an unlimited service for all your calls, text, picture messaging and web or you can play for the whole year for $499 only!!! Included also is free 411 calls and there is no activation, reactivation and termination fees.
If you want to know more about Straight Talk, watch this video.

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Sunday's Late Lunch


Our Sunday started a little late. Got up late, then hubby played tennis then we had a late lunch at Olive Garden, one of our favorite restaurants. Everything in Olive Garden is so good from start to finish.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Thought It Is Free


I am talking about changing my cell phone number. I just hang up with the phone company inquiring on how to change it. I have this number for a while now but I do not know how sales people got hold of it and they keep on calling every day. Like today, it is only around 10 am I already got 3 calls, one selling phone cards to Philippines, another one asking me if I am interested in buying real estate in Hawaii and a cable company. Sometimes, my phone rings in the middle of the night!!!

When I called the phone company today, they said it is very easy to change my phone number. If it is the first time to have it changed, it is free then I get charged afterwards. They checked my record and I will have to pay this time. I am having second thoughts now because it is not cheap and sooner or later, I will still get these calls back. If its for free, I will not be thinking twice anymore.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Dessert At Max Chicken


It is called tropical ice cream. It is 4 scoops of pinoy ice cream - ube, queso, mango and macapuno with whip cream. Price is less than $6. If you get only one scoop of ice cream, it's $2.50 per scoop. Get this instead and just share. It is good enough for party of 3.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tracfone 3


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


When my daughter's summer vacation started, I feel the need of getting her a TracFone that she can use when she goes to the babysitter. She will be there the whole day and the only communication we have is only through the TracFone and it is not expensive to get. There is no need of a contract, no credit check, no activation or cancelation charges. Just buy the phone and choose the monthly plan you need.  They have plans starting from $9.99 for 50 minutes or up to 200 minutes for under $30.00. I do not want to sign up my daughter for a plan but i will get the pay as you go online or with cards that you buy at retail stores nationwide. If real TracFone customers  buy the 1 year service cards, they will get double minutes for the life of your tracfone or 800 minutes for $119.00, but some phones already include this feature. 
International calling is another feature available with your Tracfone. For  real TracFone customers , they can call internationally directly from their phone for the same price as any other call to over 60 international destinations at no extra cost. They also have the international Neighbors program where you can provide your family and friends a local number in Mexico or Canada and they can call you in your Tracfone in the U.S.
With all these features of the Tracfone, you may think you need to buy an expensive phone. No, you can get one for $29.99 with camera/video recorder, web access, app capabilities, mp3 player and full QWERTY keyboard.  Other brand name phones such as Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Nokia and Samsung are also available. You can choose from the "candy bar" phones to bluetooth enabled "Smart" phones. So, why spend so much money on a Phone? Here is one for as low as $10 with calling and texting capabilities already with great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity.
To all  real TracFone customers , watch this video and you can see how Tracfone 3 works.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Soooo Hot!


We are having a heat wave!!! Temperatures went up to 108 degrees (feels like 115). I don't want to cook any dinner so we went to Bobby Burger Place to dine out. Sorry i forgot to bring my phone and camera but here is our take home bag. The food was yummy but was not in the mood to eat =( goes to the doggy bag.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Health Plan renewal


It is that time again that we renew our health plan at my job. When we see our boss having a meeting with the health insurance representatives, we all get nervous. This normally happens at the end of July but this month they came so early and now the results are already out. We have both medical and dental plan on our health insurance and you have the option whether to enroll in just one or both. As expected, the premiums have increased again with no discount plan available for single, husband and wife or family at all. The increase is almost 40% and everybody is not happy about it.

I talked to my husband about the increase in our health insurance and we decided it is better that he will just enroll me at his job’s insurance. We did not do this before because I only pay very minimal premium but because of the huge increase, we are considering it this time. Now it became unreasonable to be paying two premiums. After we do this transition, there would be no problem for me to just work from home and still be covered under hubby’s insurance.

There Is An Ice Cream Truck At The Lake


If you did not bring anything to eat at all, you won't be hungry at the lake. There is a roach coach that is parked at the lake serving hotdogs, burgers, drinks, italian ice, ice cream and a lot more. The price is quite reasonable.

Here is my daughter with her almost melting vanilla ice cone. It was almost 90 degrees and it only took few minutes and the whole thing was already melted. She still had fun though ( that's all that matters).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Lake


When summer time was getting closer, I was busy online searching for spots where we can spend the weekend and have fun in the sun. As much as possible I want to avoid the shore because of the traffic during weekends. We have been to a lake before but the lake that I found was within a state park at the hilly part of New Jersey. They have beautiful photos of the lake online so I checked the available amenities. You can go swimming, boating, camping, hiking and barbeque. When you go, be there early so that you can still get a spot right very close to the shore with picnic tables and grill. If you are a bit late, you can sit on park benches and site furnishings around the park.

We have been to this lake three times already. What I love most is they close the whole park before it gets too crowded with people. We have friends that came around 12 noon, they were not allowed to get in until the lake reopens again at 3pm when other people start to leave. They also have the carry in carry out rule. Everything you bring in the lake, you have to take them when you leave including your garbage. We all love this lake. We might be back again soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

On A Hot Summer Day


On a 100 degree temperature, a strawberry coolata from dunkin donut is soooo perfect. Never mind the brain freeze! Cool it down!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trying out a green strawberry smoothie


Guest post written by Gwen Holloway

I really love the taste of fruit. I guess that's a good thing because I never had to worry about not getting enough of my fruit and vegetables. I'm sure that my mom was really glad because of that too. Well I still can't really get enough of it as an adult, but I also like my variety when it comes to my fruit.

I was looking up some info on some different fruit recipes to try while I was online a few nights ago and I ended up stumbling across the website I read it and after that I decided to change over my home internet service to it.

I saw this one recipe for a green strawberry smoothie that just sounded so weird that I had to try it out, so I did. I think that it's one of my new favorite smoothie recipes now! Although my boyfriend wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I was about it. It took a while to talk him into even trying it because he didn't like the green color of it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meat, Fruits and Veggies @'Target


I like shopping at Target. I find more quality stuffs in Target than in K and W. They also have started selling meat, fruits and veggies but I don't find their prices as competetive as supermarkets and walmart (for meat, fruits and veggies) but when you are in a rush and just to grab something quick, it is handy that T has already a produce section. Thanks for the freebie coupons too!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Car For CD


CD who used to be our neighbor got in touch with me through email yesterday. I was so happy when I saw her message. Her family moved to Florida right after winter and we have not communicated until now. She wants me to hear the good news – that she is going to a university in Florida starting September. When they left New Jersey last March she was still undecided to pursue school but I guess she took all our advices seriously. Yes, she is determined to go to college this time. Her dad already bought her a used car from, a West Palm Beach jeep dealer. Napleton Northlake Jeep is one of the trusted dealer of used cars on West Palm Beach. She sent me pictures at the dealer during her first service using her oil change coupon but she forgot to attach a picture of her new car on her email but I saw what she bought when I searched for West Palm Beach Car Blog online. That car will really fit her lifestyle.

Thanks CD for getting in touch. I am delightful for all that is happening in your life right now. Hope to see you next month. We will be in Florida for a vacation.

Tne New McDonalds Drive thru


When it is raining or snowing, it is so difficult to place your orders at Mcdonalds drive thru without you and your car (inside) getting wet. But, with the new McCafe makeover, they placed roofs to prevent you from getting wet when you open your windows. The designs of the new McCafes are cool inside and out and the free wifi is great.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Daughter At Work


I am so happy that it is a short work week this week. We were off Monday. It was the 4th of July holiday. The four days went by fast and one of the most excited about Friday (which is tomorrow) is my daughter. I do not stay at work the whole day on Fridays so my daughter always tag along. She is fine in the morning then she gets bored when she stays beyond six hours. To keep her busy, I bring all her electronic gadgets and her laptop. We have a wifi here at work so she can go online and do some Dress up Games. I found a website called but I do not let her play all the dress up GAMES because some are not for small kids like her.Some games are too sexy for her. She can play the pretty princess makeover or fairy game dress up.

Here at work, my co workers like her a lot. Sometimes they will ask her to do little errands like bring some fax copies or mails to me and my daughter is all willing to do it then she will tell me, “Mommy, I am a good helper at your job.” When Mister Softee comes, they always treat her with ice cream or bring her something when they go on a lunch break. These are some of the reasons why she loves tagging along with me on Fridays.

It is almost the weekend. TGIF! Hope everybody will have a wonderful weekend!

When We Went To The Movies


This is a picture of hubby and my daughter taken at the amc theater buying some snacks before going inside the movie theater. We went to see transformers 3: dark of the moon.

movie tickets (not 3d) - $10/adult, $7/kids
large popcorn and a soda - $11
watching movie as a family - priceless!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Beach Day Postponed


Another birthday celebration supposed to be for hubby at the beach last Sunday but we woke up with pouring rain. I did not see that rain in the forecast though. It was still warm for swimming but defeating the purpose of getting some tan with no sun shining. The beach birthday celebration was canceled for another Sunday this summer.

Actually, it was only the beach swimming that was canceled not the birthday celebration. Around 7pm, we still saw one another at the fireworks display in our town. It was held at the parking lot of a big mall. Everybody that was supposed to go to the beach was there and they brought a cake shaped like a big tennis ball (hubby is a tennis player) for my husband. It is exactly the same cake that we saw in the brochures. It is a cake made out of cupcakes at the bottom with big icing on top. The color of the cake matches exactly the color of a tennis ball. So with the fireworks lighting the sky, we were singing happy birthday to hubby and eating the cake. It was a yummy red velvet cupcake/cake.

Here is a picture of the tennis ball cake made of around 20 red velvet cupcakes instead of layers of cake. It was a very delicious cake.

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's the 4th of July


It is supposed to be a shopping day today because of the huge sales at the mall but i woke up lazy and do not want to be in the crowded mall at all. I was in the cleaning mode instead. Before I start with my chores, i made breakfast for us - grilled cheese with eggs.

I started with three piles of laundry. While waiting, i sorted out the mails i took from our mailbox the other day. I even checked our residential mailboxes downstairs for new mails but we have no mails today because it is a holiday (i forgot). It is the time that our mailboxes in our building is so tidy and uncluttered. Watch, as soon as the weekday starts, they will be full again.

It is hot and humid outside. I will try to finish all my chores then have a little nap then we will go to see the Macy's fireworks display at the Hudson river. We will just find a spot in Jersey where we can see them from afar. We already saw some fireworks from our town last night but the Macy's is the huge one. It is televised on TV but to see it live is more beautiful.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July celebration. Happy 4th to all!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Father's Day @ Tbe Buffet


This is a late post.

For father's day, we went for dinner at a Chinese buffet as per request. First, we love to eat snow crab legs and you can only have as much as you can snow crab legs at a dinner buffet. Here is a picture of hubby enjoying his snow crab legs on his special day.

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