Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Thought It Is Free


I am talking about changing my cell phone number. I just hang up with the phone company inquiring on how to change it. I have this number for a while now but I do not know how sales people got hold of it and they keep on calling every day. Like today, it is only around 10 am I already got 3 calls, one selling phone cards to Philippines, another one asking me if I am interested in buying real estate in Hawaii and a cable company. Sometimes, my phone rings in the middle of the night!!!

When I called the phone company today, they said it is very easy to change my phone number. If it is the first time to have it changed, it is free then I get charged afterwards. They checked my record and I will have to pay this time. I am having second thoughts now because it is not cheap and sooner or later, I will still get these calls back. If its for free, I will not be thinking twice anymore.


baby care tips Monday, August 01, 2011

very annoying when every day we got call from people we don't know and offer products that we don't ask. if it's free why should pay, i taught changing number is part of cell phone provider service...

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