Friday, August 27, 2010

Coughing and Itchy Throat Relief


Halls Breezers or Ricola natural honey herb cough drops have been my best friend every time mr. cough attacks me. These are the two cough drops that are not so strong for me. When my throat starts itching or when a cough is building up again, i suck these candies for relief. One home remedy that helps me also is boiled ginger with tea, honey and lemon.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend At The Hampton


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.


I really cannot wait for this work week to be over. I will try my best to stay a little bit late at work tonight and tomorrow so that I make my 40 hours and I don’t have to come to work on Friday anymore. If that would be the case, my vacation will officially start tomorrow night. I will be back to work the day after Labor Day.

So what do we have planned for our vacation? We have been wanting to go visit the Niagara Falls. It is only about 7 to 8 hour drive from my house. Our target date to go there is this coming Sunday for an overnight stay. This is the reason why I am in the computer all the time. I have been looking for a hotel in the area that is close to the falls and other sightseeing spots. And as I was browsing the several hotels in the area, I picked the Hampton Inn Niagara Falls because it is only .8 miles from the city center. When I clicked the Hampton Inn website, I found that they have a promo called Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes where you can win an entire hotel for a weekend (100 rooms for two nights) for you and your chain of friends as a grand prize. This would be the coolest prize if all your friends can go with you and all stay in one hotel for the weekend. The whole hotel will be entirely for you; enjoying all its amenities and availing all the services provided. Do not worry about the tax because Hampton Inn will give you $5000 to help you pay the tax for the weekend.

So guys and girls, this is your chance to bond together, enjoy the whole weekend with your chain of friends in one hotel. This contest is open to everyone and there is no purchase necessary to join the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes. Join now and you can be the lucky winner of the grand prize or the 100 first prizes given away daily.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Favorite Breakfast


My favorite breakfast at work: toasted bagel with cream cheese and grape jelly.
For my bagel, I have thomas bagel - already sliced and soft. I buy a bag at the supermarket (6 pcs in one bag) then bring the whole bag to work. I saved a lot by not stopping at dunkin donuts every morning anymore. To keep my bagel fresh, I keep them in the freezer.

I want my toasted bagel not too dark. Any brand of cream cheese or grape jelly will do.

How about you, what is your favorite breakfast?

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trade Show


Tomorrow is going to be a big day at my job. It is our 50th anniversary and as part of the weeklong celebration, we are having a trade show at one of the hotels here. This is a yearly thing actually but for this year we invited a lot of our vendors to join and there will be more seminars for the participants. On the last minute, we thought that we will be transferring to another hotel because the trade show flooring was ruined by the recent flooding but the hotel staff promised us that everything will be ready for the show. Our guys have set up the trade show carpet early so that our vendors can start setting up their own booths at least a day before. Our vendors were surprised when they showed up this morning to see logo mats outside their booths. This is our way of saying thank you to them for participating in our trade show.

The registration will start tomorrow at around 10am but the seminars will start as early as 9 o’clock. The hotel provided us two rooms for the various seminars and classes. Hopefully our visitors will find the hotel easily although a big logo canopy was already set up outside at the entrance but still some people get lost. It will be a tiring day but we are all ready and excited.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ang Bayabas!


It means "The Guavas."

Would you buy this for $3.99/lb?

That's how much they were selling these guavas at the oriental store. It was my first time to see guavas at the store this small and almost buloks na! When these kind of guavas are not these riped, they are actually more sweet than those big ones.

Bibili sana ako kasi miss ko na ang bayabas kaya lang bulokis naman!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Goldfish Crackers


This is the centerpiece of the kids table at a birthday party. These are the Goldfish baked crackers -pretzels that we buy at the supermarket. They got the colored ones. So simple but so colorful - all the colors you want in a kids' birthday party. The colored popsicle sticks made into a small tray matches the colorful pretzels perfectly.

Love it.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Choc Nut


There is nothing like having a choc nut melting in your mouth. It brings so much of yesteryears. It is still the same taste choc nut I used to buy from the sari-sari store when I was small. I know the price is too much comparing to how much it is back home but to be munching on choc nut once again is priceless.

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Cable Sports on HD


I could say that we have a good summer this year. The were days of scorching heat but for me it is a treat for us who lives in the East Coast. In a few weeks, we will be bidding goodbye for summer again. No more outdoor activities and kids are going back to school too. One thing that excites us when summer is over is the NFL season.

Direct TV is offering something new in their NFL Sunday Ticket. It is back every Sunday but now you can watch all football games in HD. This excites my husband so much because he is a football fan. With his brand new HD TV, I am sure he will enjoy watching all his favorite teams on cable sports in HD. We live in New Jersey about less than a mile away from the newly built giant’s stadium so we feel the excitement every time there is a game at the stadium. Besides NFL Sunday, we also love watching Cox cable sports for college sports events.

If you are into sports, check out the best deals on Direct TV at Call 1800-378-9318 for the best promotions in your areas to save some money and do not forget to ask about their free upgrades and free movie channels. Call them now and get the best deals on direct TV.

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