Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Third Day to be Home


I have been staying home for the third day because our daughter is still sick. I know I have been wanting days off but this is not the kind I want to – staying home with a sick daughter. I'd rather be at work and she is in school than her being sick and staying home with me. I hope she gets better soon.

While being home, I was able to do some online search about hotel bar supplies and hotel supply online. This is for a friend of mine who is planning to do a hotel and restaurant business. I found everything on Peach Suite, an Atlanta Hotel supply which carries everything a hospitality business needs, from equipment to supplies, uniforms and furniture. Free shipping is available for qualifying purchases over $500. You can check all the photos and prices of your purchases at Peach Suite website. This is a one-stop shop for all hotel needs.

I have been emailing my friend about all the supplies they need. I am waiting for a reply and we can start ordering online.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Noise is Too Much


Add to Technorati FavoritesWhen we first moved to this condominium where we are staying right now, there was no problem at all. We liked it because it is not the high rise building but only three stories high and we are in the first floor. This means we have a neighbor downstairs and another on the upper floor. The couple upstairs are newlyweds and we barely hear any noise. They both work in the medical field. If I am not mistaken their work schedules are during night time.

Let us fast forward to four years later.  The situation with our upstairs neighbor is different now. More people started to live with them and the noise has become unbearable especially during unholy hours that you want to get some sleep. The building needs Durisol insulating concrete forms in its walls to absorb all the sound coming from the outside. We have approached them at one point about the noise but I think they just keep on forgetting or ignoring. The weekends are the worst since they always have late night visitors on Fridays. I am just praying that one day. I will get used to the noise and do not mind them at all but if you are already at the stage where you want peace and quiet when you get home, it is difficult.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Party Planner Helper


One Saturday, the step daughter invited Isabella to come with her to a birthday party. She did not mention that she was the one who was preparing for the party. When Isabella got to her house, the step daughter has some things to finish up for the party and Isabella right away volunteered to help her. My daughter loves doing arts and crafts too and that's something they have in common. Here is the picture the step daughter took. She said Isabella did the whole bunch of flowers for the center table. Came out pretty nice, right?

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