Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Third Day to be Home


I have been staying home for the third day because our daughter is still sick. I know I have been wanting days off but this is not the kind I want to – staying home with a sick daughter. I'd rather be at work and she is in school than her being sick and staying home with me. I hope she gets better soon.

While being home, I was able to do some online search about hotel bar supplies and hotel supply online. This is for a friend of mine who is planning to do a hotel and restaurant business. I found everything on Peach Suite, an Atlanta Hotel supply which carries everything a hospitality business needs, from equipment to supplies, uniforms and furniture. Free shipping is available for qualifying purchases over $500. You can check all the photos and prices of your purchases at Peach Suite website. This is a one-stop shop for all hotel needs.

I have been emailing my friend about all the supplies they need. I am waiting for a reply and we can start ordering online.


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