Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Wedding Gift


Posted by Gaylord Campbell

I was so lucky that when I got married my parents decided to buy my husband and I our own home. We were doing well on our own, but we could have never afforded to own our own home so early if it wasn’t for their generosity. My husband was really worried that there would be some conditions attached to the gift, and it made him kind of uncomfortable. In order to make my husband feel better about the situation I asked my parents point blank if the expected anything in return from us for the gift. Luckily my parents understood where my hubby was coming from and weren’t offended at all. They did say they had one condition on buying us the house though. They would like us to get a home security system before moving in so that they can feel like we are safe in our new home. We decided if that was the only expectation then we would search home security new yorkand get a system right away. We thought that was a reasonable request and we would be stupid to turn down their generosity because of it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Goodies


Here at my job, we get so much goodies during this holiday season courtesy of our customers. Almost everyday we get one or two and right away they open them for everybody to eat. I would not be surprised if i gain at least 5 lbs after the holidays. These are some photos of what we got today. i forgot to take pictures of boxes of chocolates on top of the counters. and, tomorrow we are going to have our Christmas lunch here at work. Oh no to my diet!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Fav Snack At Target


A shopping at Target is not complete without having something to eat at the store. Our favorite food every time we are at the Target store - 2 combo personal pizza (cheese and pepperoni) with bread sticks from pizza hut. The bread sticks with the marinara dipping sauce is a perfect pair for your pizza. I think for the combo and a medium soda is around $6 bucks. Always ask for the fresh bake when you order.

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