Saturday, March 27, 2010



This is one of my favorites from Taco Bell. It is called bell grande but it is actually nachos or tortilla chips with melted cheese, ground beef, tomatoes and sour cream. I wish they put more toppings so that there will be enough for the tortilla chips. But if you have time to prepare, buy chili from Wendy's and pour them on a platter of nachos, top it with cheese, put in the oven for few minutes - you have a one good and yummy platter of nachos. If you want something quickie, just get this bell grande then.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Curly Fries From Arby's


When you speak of curly fries, one of my favorites is from arby's. There is no arby's in my area but if we happen to see one, I always request that we stop by and take a bite. I had this curly fries together with the french dip and swiss sandwich.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

KFC Dinner For $16


We got this booklet of coupons from KFC in the mail. Right away I clip it on our refrigerator until its expeiration date. Time will come you will need this coupon. And, that was last Saturday during the Pacquiao fight.

For $12.99, you get 8 pieces of chicken, 1 big cole slaw, 1 big mashed potato with gravy. There was an additional $2 charge for white meat and gravy on the side, so it came up to $16 with tax.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pacquiao Vs. Clottey


It is another bonding time for pinoys here tomorrow during the Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey fight. We will be seeing our friends that we only see during holidays like christmas or thanksgiving. Because of Manny Pacquaio, pinoy takes time to get together and see the fight. Mas maraming kayo mas masaya. But if you have no access to HBO tomorrow, you can still watch the fight online for free at Just visit the website for instructions.

Good Luck Manny!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Made the Switch


Yesterday, I signed back to optimum from Verizon fios. I have no complaints with Verizon fios service but their charges and fees are ridiculously high. My bill for fios is about $190 every month for TV, internet, and phone plus international calling for $10, tfc and tennis channel including taxes and fees & charges I cannot understand where they are coming from. I just waited for our contract with Verizon to end but actually optimum does not care even though you terminate your current contract with Verizon early. Optimum will buy you out by paying the termination or cancelation fee Verizon will charge you. This is what they call the buyout contract. You have to show your bill though that you paid for the termination fee to get a refund up to $200.

Now with Optimum, I will be paying only $100/mo for TV, internet and phone with free dvr & tfc for a year (a $14.95 value) and sports package (tennis channel) including taxes. Optimum does not give a free router so I have to buy that but with the savings of almost $85/month I don’t mind buying my own router to have wireless at home. I saw one at best buy weekly ad for $34.99 for a netgear.

The actual switch is this Friday when the optimum guys come to the house to do the connection. I was originally with optimum but went to Verizon when they had tfc and now I’m back with them.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mongo Bread And Monay


I am so happy that I can buy filipino breads anytime now without traveling. Philippine bread house just opened a new branch in our town and I can even walk from my house to the store. It is a restaurant actually where you can go and eat plus they sell filipino breads such as pandesal, monay, pan de coco, ube bread, cakes and rolls, etc. I was hoping they will also have the hot pandesal but not at this newly opened branch. Their hot pandesal is really the one that is to die for and it goes fast. If I really wanted this hot pandesal, I have to drive to Jersey City. I'd be contented with what they carry here right now and save my gas.
The monay and monggo bread are very good too.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Coupons From Tony’s Pizza


I got a mail from IZEA last weekend. It’s my 8 free Tony’s Pizza coupons. It is FREE pizza – no dollars…just present the coupon to the cashier and you get a pizza for free.

Tony’s Pizza is promoting their new tony’s crispy crust pizza where the crust is baked, not fried, with zero grams of trans fat, comes in a unique “scround” shape ( a square pizza with round edges). It is light, crisp and flavorful.

My family is a lover of thin crust pizza way back from the shakey’s pizza we have in the Philippines. We always specify it thin – never a pan so this is just how we wanted our pizza.

I did not go to the store to get my free pizza yet. I will sure do take pictures and blog about it on my next posts.

Thank you Tony’s Pizza.

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