Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Made the Switch


Yesterday, I signed back to optimum from Verizon fios. I have no complaints with Verizon fios service but their charges and fees are ridiculously high. My bill for fios is about $190 every month for TV, internet, and phone plus international calling for $10, tfc and tennis channel including taxes and fees & charges I cannot understand where they are coming from. I just waited for our contract with Verizon to end but actually optimum does not care even though you terminate your current contract with Verizon early. Optimum will buy you out by paying the termination or cancelation fee Verizon will charge you. This is what they call the buyout contract. You have to show your bill though that you paid for the termination fee to get a refund up to $200.

Now with Optimum, I will be paying only $100/mo for TV, internet and phone with free dvr & tfc for a year (a $14.95 value) and sports package (tennis channel) including taxes. Optimum does not give a free router so I have to buy that but with the savings of almost $85/month I don’t mind buying my own router to have wireless at home. I saw one at best buy weekly ad for $34.99 for a netgear.

The actual switch is this Friday when the optimum guys come to the house to do the connection. I was originally with optimum but went to Verizon when they had tfc and now I’m back with them.

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Dhemz Friday, March 12, 2010

wow! good to know about this info sis...we use comcast...mura din at kasama na yung filipino channels.....:)

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