Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Lake


When summer time was getting closer, I was busy online searching for spots where we can spend the weekend and have fun in the sun. As much as possible I want to avoid the shore because of the traffic during weekends. We have been to a lake before but the lake that I found was within a state park at the hilly part of New Jersey. They have beautiful photos of the lake online so I checked the available amenities. You can go swimming, boating, camping, hiking and barbeque. When you go, be there early so that you can still get a spot right very close to the shore with picnic tables and grill. If you are a bit late, you can sit on park benches and site furnishings around the park.

We have been to this lake three times already. What I love most is they close the whole park before it gets too crowded with people. We have friends that came around 12 noon, they were not allowed to get in until the lake reopens again at 3pm when other people start to leave. They also have the carry in carry out rule. Everything you bring in the lake, you have to take them when you leave including your garbage. We all love this lake. We might be back again soon.


unikorna Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And you shared no picture of the lake? You like to tease your readers :))

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