Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Beach Day Postponed


Another birthday celebration supposed to be for hubby at the beach last Sunday but we woke up with pouring rain. I did not see that rain in the forecast though. It was still warm for swimming but defeating the purpose of getting some tan with no sun shining. The beach birthday celebration was canceled for another Sunday this summer.

Actually, it was only the beach swimming that was canceled not the birthday celebration. Around 7pm, we still saw one another at the fireworks display in our town. It was held at the parking lot of a big mall. Everybody that was supposed to go to the beach was there and they brought a cake shaped like a big tennis ball (hubby is a tennis player) for my husband. It is exactly the same cake that we saw in the brochures. It is a cake made out of cupcakes at the bottom with big icing on top. The color of the cake matches exactly the color of a tennis ball. So with the fireworks lighting the sky, we were singing happy birthday to hubby and eating the cake. It was a yummy red velvet cupcake/cake.

Here is a picture of the tennis ball cake made of around 20 red velvet cupcakes instead of layers of cake. It was a very delicious cake.


Diamond R Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interesting birthday cake no need to slice just pick a cup.

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