Monday, October 10, 2011

When Monday Is A Holiday


I love holidays especially when they fall on Mondays. Who would not want a long weekend, right? In the case of getting paid at work, having a long weekend affects us who get paid every week. At my job, we get paid every Tuesday so payroll is sent to the payroll company every Monday. We do not have a company that takes care of our payroll, like the bookkeeper Melbourne. Our employee bookkeeper is the one tallying our hours worked and overtime then submits them to the payroll company who takes care of the check printing and direct deposits. So if there is no work on a Monday, it automatically follows that we do not get paid that Tuesday. Same case applies too if he is out sick on a Monday.

I hope my job hires a professional bookkeeping services to do our payroll. At Bookkeeper Melbourne, they offer offsite bookkeeping and payroll services which are handled by accountants and bookkeepers who are professionally trained in accounting and bookkeeping. The charge of taking their service is not per hour but a fixed monthly fee. There is even an ongoing discount that is being offered at Accounts and Advice website. If you need more information or if you are interested in hiring Accounts and Advice bookkeeping and payroll services for your company, simply visit them at their website on or call at 1300-629-454.


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