Monday, October 10, 2011

A $9.99 Buffet Lunch


We got so preoccupied Saturday morning that we forgot we did not eat a decent breakfast. I think we only had coffee and a piece of toast. At around 12 noon, we were like starving so we went out to find something to eat. We saw a lot of fast food restaurants along the way but we were not in the mood for any burgers or friend chicken then we found this $9.99 buffet lunch. We've seen this restaurant before but not the $10 sign. So we went...

First impression: it is clean and not the typical chinese buffet where food are served in big aluminum trays. On this one, they had their food on big square white plates, very clean on the side, not over flowing..just enough and regularly refilled once they see it is becoming empty. They served not only chinese food but some malaysian, thai and vietnamese. I like the place and the food was great. They are more on quality food and service.

Overall experience: Very good, recommended and we are coming back again.


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