Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Health Insurance


Both I and the husband have our personal healthcare insurance through our own employers. I have mine since I was single so with hubby. Now that we are married, I remained with my job’s medical insurance into which I also enrolled Isabella. It was going smoothly until my company increased our premium to more than double to what I am paying. This made me decide to give up the insurance through my employer and we both enrolled under my husband’s employer as a family. I thought I was the only one who got affected by the tremendous increase in medical insurance at my job but a lot. They have been searching also for discount medical insurance policies available just to save money on the premium. Whatever results they get, they compare what different companies offer to get the best health insurance quotes possible.h
We know how expensive to get sick if you do not have an insurance. My co-workers are still in the process of picking the right one. They have two weeks left before the new insurance at my job would take effect. If they do not find a better alternative, a lot would be left with no choice but take the expensive one.


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