Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Do Your Call Your Country?


When we signed up for our phone service at home, the company also offered international calling where you can call anywhere in the world through your home phone. You get 300 minutes for a flat rate of $20.00 but the only downside is that whether you use the minutes or not every month, you have to pay the monthly fee. This set up was ongoing for months then i realized we do not make international calls that much every month. It seems that we are paying minutes that we did not even use. Sometimes not even half of the monthly minutes allowed have been used. I told my husband about that and we decided to give up the monthly international calling plan. All we need is a low cost international calling to the Philippines where the minutes do not expire every month.

I searched online on how to make low cost international calls through your cell phone without paying too much money and i found Pure Minutes Long distance. With Pure Minutes I can call my country anytime anywhere just like calling my friends through my cell phone. There are no hidden fees, I pay only for the minutes i used and the unused minutes do not expire. I like pure minutes a lot. I do not have to be home to call Philippines. I also signed up for the auto-recharge to get $3.00 free service. Try Pure Minutes and you will like it right away.


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