Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Work


I got a phone call early morning from our office manager asking me if i can go to work. We were closed Friday due to some road closures in the area where my job is located. Today the town opened for all businesses but a lot of the residents were still at the evacuation area. This is already the third time this year that this area has been hit by a big flood. The recent has the most widespread damage. It was only two weeks ago that the hurricane Irene was here and here is another flood again. On my way to work, I saw on the sidewalk broken appliances, wet carpets, wood panels and boxes of clothes waiting to be picked up by the town trucks for disposal. My husband was even asked by his friend to order parts for dryer to be used in his machine that got submerged at the basement. Hubby knows a little about fixing washing machines and dryers. He used to have a shop back home before he migrated here and that was his way of living. He is not doing it for money here anymore but when friends call him, he is always willing to do it as long they are not the newer models which are all computerized. It is his joy to help his friends because he knows how expensive to have it repaired here. Usually the labor is more expensive than the parts.


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