Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet You In Chicago?


This is an overdue travel plan. My husband has a friend In Chicago whom he has not seen for decades now. He was surprised when one day he just got a call from him, not from Philippines but from Chicago. He is here visiting for about a month.

We made plans of driving to Chicago to see him the weekend when hurricane Irene hit the East Coast. The plan was canceled because of bad weather then the following weekend we were already set to see the U.S. Open so we had no choice but to reschedule it or maybe we can just ask his friend to come here instead so that we can tour him around New York City. He already saw Chicago via the Chicago bus tours together with other Filipino tourist in their community. They did the Highlight, City in a Garden and Stained Glass tours through Pontarelli Worldwide Ground Transportation. We saw the pictures he posted at the social networking site where he left a comment that it is time to see New York after his Chicago tour.

I hope my husband can get his two day off approved so that we can finalize his friend's trip here. Our target date is on September 15-18. I hope this will push through this time. We will post pictures right away.


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