Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Does Advertising Agencies Come Up With Effective Campaigns?


Here is a scenario. When we go shopping, the daughter will normally see kids stuffs on the shelves that she does not really pay too much attention but as soon as we get home and she sees those on TV, she would right away says “mommy, I want that for my Christmas present?” When she sees things being advertised on TV or internet, it has a different impact than when she just sees them in a store. I give big credit to the advertising agency that does the campaign for these products. Even me as a mom, the ads I see on TV has big influence on the way I shop especially on food and health and beauty products. I would not know these new products on the market and how effective they are unless I see the ads on TV, newspapers or while surfing online. I become aware of its existence. The ad I see is so effective; makes me want to buy the product and try it.

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