Friday, November 25, 2011

Stand Up For Family


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Any type of family get together is a bonding moment with your loved ones. For me and hubby, we only have our own daughter with us, the two step daughters who are grown are now living on their own. This is the reason why when chances of being together come, we always make it a point to go to be with one another as a whole family again, even temporary. We have to treasure the moment we are together. Just like the Stand Up For Family show being presented by American Family Insurance, it is another way of bringing up the family together. It is a wholesome show which every member can relate where some of today's hottest comedians would present experiences from their own families in a very humorous way. Laughing it out with the family is a perfect spending of quality time together.
Family is important. To me, my family is the one who gives me unconditional love and support. I was so happy that we celebrated out thanksgiving tonight with the whole family. It was a loving five hours of being together. Although some have to leave early because of work and the little kids got bored (because they did not bring any of their games), we had a great time. When kids started complaining, it reminds me of the video clip for the AmFam comedy show where Bill Bellamy was talking about how kids were being creative back in the days. Now, it is totally different. When kids do not have their games or gadgets, after a while, they will say it is boring. Why not play hide and seek or tagging game just like how we do it when we were kids? I wish we can go back to those times where kids are having more fun outside the house not sitting in front of the computer or playing electronic games. I am so seriously talking here but when you see how Bill Bellamy do a stand up comedy about “Still Free,” it is hilarious. Stand Up For Family is a great show for the family.

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