Monday, November 14, 2011

Love to Cook!


Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo

I’ve always loved to cook and when I got old enough for my own place I totally decked my kitchen out. I got the copper pans and all the cookware you could imagine and I even got that Viking stove I’d heard so much about for so long. When I moved in I also went to make sure I’d get the Food Network because that’s pretty much all that’s ever one my TV, if we’re being honest. I can’t imagine a time when I’m not watching Rachel Rayor Barefoot Contessa whip something up and you know, I think I’ve learned a lot just from absorbing what they say. I think my all time favorite has to be Nigella Lawson because she’s so sultry and sexy and she’s got that awesome British accent. She’s a really good cook, too and you can’t really ask for more in a woman than that! My mom sure wishes I’d find someone like her and settle down but you know, I can cook for myself!


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