Friday, February 11, 2011

Buying Some Scrubs


So what I have been doing during the three days that I was at home? Other than taking care of my dear daughter, I did a lot of online shopping. While my daughter takes a nap, I was in the computer doing my favorite thing. It was not a normal shopping for me though because I was not shopping for clothes and shoes but peaches nursing uniforms for my niece in the Philippines. She recently passed the nursing board exams and now she got accepted to work in a hospital in Manila. As a treat for her, I promised to send her several scrubs complete set as her work uniform. I picked all white colors but she specifically requested for one pink scrub. I totally forgot that her favorite color is pink.

As I was shopping for my niece, all of a sudden I feel so old. This kid was only in Kindergarten when I left Philippines but look at her now. She is done with school and about to start a nursing career. I feel old but happy for all her achievements. Hope one day she can join me here in America.


clavel Friday, February 11, 2011

love pink color too.

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