Friday, February 11, 2011

Nice Weather For The Weekend


I was out from work for three days when my daughter was sick. She is back to school this morning and I am crossing my fingers that the school will not call me. If I get no call, it means she is feeling well already (which is what I have been hoping and praying). Now I am also back at the office with loads of work to do on my desk. My boss was so kind to pay me for all the days I was gone although I already used up all my sick days.

So, what is exciting to happen this weekend? Other than it’s Valentine’s Day (we always do our Valentine dinner the day before Feb 14 to avoid the crowd on restaurants), we are going to have a warm weekend. It is going to be in the 40’s starting tomorrow. You may say, how could it be warm when it’s still in the 40’s? You learn to appreciate what is a 40 degree weather when you are in the East Coast. Anyway, these warm days are reminding me to do a search for chains rain. I need one 12 foot rain chain for the kids swing. I remember when it broke last year, my husband just tied the rain chains with a string to keep it together but we need new ones to avoid accidents. The swing has to be fixed since the kids love playing when they are outside the house. We are now starting to get ready for spring. It will be here soon.


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