Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Scion iQ


When you speak of the rising price of gas, we are not a happy camper. With the ongoing crisis right now, they are predicting that it will affect gas prices of at least additional of 10 cents per gallon. We do not want any more cents on every gallon of gas.

If gas prices keep on going up, car manufacturers see it as a demand for smaller and more efficient cars. Like us, we are anticipating this by planning to buy a smaller car as our next vehicle. We are one of the thousands or even more who are going into this trend. So what is the answer of automakers into this demand? Smaller cars are being made. Like Scion, they are launching a mini car called 2011 scion iq, which Scion calls as the world’s smallest four-seat car. The target date for Scion iq to be in the market is this coming spring 2011. The Scion iq is powered by 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine making it very gas efficient, has a front wheel drive with continuously variable automatic transmission. I have been checking the scion iq pricing since a saw a picture of it at the New York Auto show. It is a car most definitely appealing to our youth. With its standard six speaker audio system, auxiliary and usb inputs for ipods and mp3’s plus steering wheel controls, it will surely be a fun car to drive.


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