Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Changes Coming Up


I am talking about changes in the company I work with. First, we are putting another branch in New Jersey. The target date for the opening of this new branch is this summer. A branch manager was already hired and now the management is getting busy hiring drivers, office workers and warehouse people. If I am willing to move down south I can work at our new branch but relocating is just too difficult if you have a family.

Next change to happen is the upgrade of our system. We will start using scanner for all our sales and inventory. Just recently, we have been accepting online payments from customers. This lessens our workload every end of the month; eliminating the printing, stuffing and mailing of statements. As soon as our merchant account got approved, all these changes took effect.

We got a good deal when we sign up for our ach merchant account. My company was able to avail of the limited time offer of the $300 value free. It was a big savings for us. Interested about this offer? You can call 1800-774-7597 or sign up with no set up fees at


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