Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Car On The Block


I and the husband always talk about cars, probably our future car. If we see brand new models on the road, we always pretend as if we are also the owners of the car. Like the other day, we were having breakfast at a restaurant and we were seated in an area where you see the parking lot and one guy came in a Lamborghini. When hubby saw the car, he right away said, “Oh that will be our retirement car!” I laugh out so loud almost choking. I know it is his dream of owning a sports car someday. He is even fascinated with our neighbor’s Hyundai Genesis R-Spec sports car but I tell you, this Genesis from Hyundai is really a beauty. He got the red one and it is always a head turner every time he is on the road.

I hope our Chrysler car will last for another three years. It is over 100,000k miles but still in good condition. With the gas prices going up again, a 4 cylinder car is the best bet when you talk about gas efficiency. Is the Volkswagen Golf a 4-cylinder car? That is the car I like. I am sticking to VW but a smaller car this time.


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