Monday, February 21, 2011

Buying Some Meds


I was watching the news from Philippines and it saddens me seeing a lot of Filipinos cannot afford proper hospital treatment because they do not have the health insurance or it is too expensive for them. I have heard stories of patients being denied treatment at hospitals because they do not have the money upfront at the hospital. Yes, getting sick or being on medication is expensive. Just like at my job, last year our insurance plan was changed again. Before we only pay $5 every pay check but since they changed insurance, a single person pays at least $20 every pay check and we get paid weekly. Imagine how much I should pay for a family. I have a co-worker whose wife is on medication for arthritis and with our new insurance, he cannot afford the co-pay for his wife prescription drugs anymore so he started looking for an alternative. Somebody told him to check some Canadian pharmacy online if he is interested to buy celebrex medicine.

Canada drugs can be ordered via the internet or by fax, mail or email by just downloading the forms available on their website or simply calling them at 1-877-270-3784. I have not tried ordering medicine online but i heard that a lot of people are doing it. To check prices and available medication, you can visit their website at


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