Monday, February 14, 2011

So How’s Everybody Spending Valentine’s Day?


We already had our Valentine dinner yesterday since we are both at work today and won’t be home after 6 pm. Also, to avoid the crowds and waiting time at restaurants, the day before Valentine’s Day is lesser chaos than the day itself. Right now, I just had my lunch. My boss was so sweet to all the ladies. We all got a bag of these heart shaped sugared cookies. I know where he got them and I already had some of these cookies yesterday. I even took a picture of the cookies inside the display stands when I and hubby were at the bakery yesterday.

It’s not bad having a working Valentine day. The day is almost over and in two hours or even earlier, I am on my way home. As soon as I am done doing my research on exhibition furniture Sydney, I can leave work. I just have to finish this for the forthcoming trade show we are planning this coming April. And speaking of April, we are having an April like weather today at 65 degrees. This is a big change from last week’s cold temperature.

Happy Valentine's Day To All!


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