Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Fireplace For Home


We do not have a fireplace at home. We live in a condo unit that has no individual fireplace in each unit although there is one at the lobby. I do not even know the difference between having firewood and gas logs burning but according to the maintenance guy in our building, he likes gas logs better because it is not messy. He recommends using the R.H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs, from Hansen Wholesale, a company that sells both vented and ventless gas logs with guaranteed lowest price, located in the City of Industry in California. The terms vented and ventless logs are somewhat new to me but i do understand what is wood burning and gas fireplace. He did not explain them really but the maintenance guy said that we use the wood burning fireplace in our building.

If we decide to get a single family home in the future, I want to make sure it has a fireplace in the living room. The warmth that the fireplace brings to the whole house is a lot different to the electric heat we have. It is more natural, not leaving you dry skin during winter time. I have to do my homework by reading fireplace and gas log FAQs to get a better understanding on how each kind works.


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