Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Colors For Babies


We went to the outlet mall yesterday to shop for my computer. I have been comparing several notebooks depending on my computer needs and my budget. Although I really need a computer badly, I did not buy one on without making my homework.

Saturday night, I told my husband that I already decided on what computer to get. I am not buying it at the store and I do not see any store carrying that particular model. Anyway, it is free shipping so it’s not an additional cost to have it shipped at home. Hubby just told me, ok, but let’s go to the outlet first thing in the morning tomorrow.

And viola, they have the notebook at the outlet branch at a cheaper price but in pearl white. It has a faster processor than the one I was eyeing online. I do not care about the color, I like white anyway. So, my quest for a new laptop ended yesterday. The transaction was done in 15 minutes.

Since we still have much time left in our hands (we did not expect that we will be out of the store in 15 minutes), we did some window shopping. Oh boy, the shops are starting to put spring stuffs. It is the best time to get some baby nursery ideas if you are planning to decorate your baby’s room. The spring colors are just perfect baby colors for decorating and painting. I love the colors of yellow, green, pink and purple.

So, my valentine day was complete. To me, V is for Valentine and Vaio.


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