Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going Back To School


I have been trying to go back to school. It is a promise to me that once my daughter starts her full day regular school, mommy will start thinking of going back to school. I already did my first step by submitting my registration and payment but the class was re-scheduled to September so I went to another college to register this spring and I did it today. Mommy is a student now. It is only an online education but it is the way to start it.

Next thing I will be doing is find college scholarships available. Education is expensive so if we can get a scholarship it will be a big savings in our pocket. Lucky are those who get scholarships for medical students because tuition fees in medical schools are way too high. This is the profession that is worth spending that money anyway. Being a doctor or surgeon is one of the highest paid professions we have. And here is another thing about scholarships; do you know that there is an organization that offers scholarships for left handed students? My friend just mentioned it to me. How I wish I am a lefty.

I will be starting my online school this end of the month. I am excited. After decades of being out of school, this mom is going to be a student again.


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