Thursday, February 24, 2011

What A Day


It was a hectic day at work. Our warehouse people are moving a lot of stuffs around then loading some units to the truck to be transferred to our new branch down the store. Since I am working at the main branch, all materials and equipment like the flammable lockers and flammable cabinet storage are first received here before they are transferred to the branch. This set up is only temporary, for the meantime that the other branch is under construction.

I am still coming to work tomorrow, I thought I can take the day off but since the back ordered flammable cabinets are coming in, I have to be at work. I can actually come in my sweat pants and sneakers tomorrow; it’s a dress down Friday for me. And because, we are also expecting two inches of rain, they cannot expect me to wear office clothes while I work with the boys at the warehouse. I like and i don't mind working with them. All that matters is I am done by 12 noon and it’s the weekend.


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