Thursday, February 17, 2011

Used Cars At Park Auto Mall


Is it true that the best time to buy cars and SUVs is during President Day sale? Based on my experience, my husband’s last Ford F 150 was bought on a President day weekend and we got good deals at Tampa used cars. Then, when we replaced the truck with our mini van, we bought the van on a Thanksgiving weekend and just the same we got some good deals like zero down and zero interest. To me, it does not really matter when you buy cars to get a good deal but a high credit score will help you with the financing and credit approval.

Are we looking for another car? Not yet, as long as my car still runs, we are holding it until the next two years or so. Hope my car will stay in good running condition. The car dealers know when you are due for another car because they keep on sending you flyers and invitations in the mail. Every week I get one or two mails for a buy back offer on my car, no down payment or pre-approved loans. I sure do love driving a brand new car but it is not within our budget right now. We will talk about this next time.


ladyguinevere28 Friday, February 18, 2011

Best deals in town are the best for me. Nice one you have a good deal for your new car..

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