Monday, February 14, 2011

When Snow Melts


Now that it’s 65 degrees outside, all the snow on the roof is starting to melt. I was walking outside to my car when I heard the sound of water from the drainage coming from the gutter. I thought that it was raining hard because when I saw how much water was coming out of the pipes and falling on the cluster mailboxes, it was like rain pouring. They are not rain but just water melting from the roof. I hope this water that come rushing from the pipes would not create some damage on these community mailboxes. These commercial mailboxes are already old that needs a lot of reinforcement and repair.

We are halfway through February and it is not a guarantee that we are not getting any more snow storm before Spring finally comes. In the past, snow came even on Easter Sunday. The kids have already exhausted all their snow days and if we get another snow storm, that day will be deducted from their spring break and they do not like that. Anyway, whatever comes we will just deal with it but for now we enjoy this advance warm weather we have.


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