Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Is My Mail?


I just finished talking to the maintenance guy in our building. There is one mail from one of the company I work with online that I have been waiting for weeks now. I have called the office and they already informed me that it has been mailed to me several days ago but still I have not receive it. So when I talk to the guy in charge of the apartment mailboxes at the lobby, he said that he has not seen any mail for me from that company. This is the problem when you have cluster mailboxes in your place of residence. Mails get lost sometimes and we have no way of knowing it. Although these commercial mailboxes have locks but if your mail got lost before it even reach your mailbox, it is something that cannot be prevented anymore. There are around 50 condo units in this building so just imagine how many mails come every day. I hope that my mail just went into somebody else’s mailbox who has a heart of putting it back in our box. I really need this mail so that I can file my tax already.

Hubby has been telling me not to expect the lost mail anymore. I am giving few more days. If I don’t get it by Saturday, I have no choice but to request for another one.


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