Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Web Filter


Few weeks ago, they installed Anti Keylogger Software in our work computer and now, there is a web filter. The anti keylogger is for the security of your computer from hackers and viruses. This is a work computer and we are inputting customer’s information, addresses and credit card numbers so we need to make our computer secure and safe. Now, this web filter is more on employees who spend a lot of time doing personal things online. They got rid of websites according to different categories. There is no more shopping, social networking, games and entertainment websites that you can access. If you try to access these websites, you will get a message that it is inappropriate. Good thing, they left news and banking categories.

Another new for this year at my workplace is the CCTV Pro Cameras installed around the building and inside the warehouse. We have been victimized by customers who walked away with some expensive units. My boss hopes that with the cameras in place, it will somehow minimize theft in the company. They are now installed in places where faces of customers are visible from the counter to the parking lot. I wonder what's next to be installed in the coming months.


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