Saturday, January 29, 2011

Web Host Renewal


As I was cleaning my mailbox this morning, I found an email regarding a domain registration reminder for one of my websites. The webhosting company normally sends out reminders at least 60 days before the deadline so that you have ample time to prepare or to decide whether to go for a renewal or not. Even if you decide on the last day, it is easy to renew your domain registration by just replying to the email or giving them a call. These web site hosting companies already have your information and credit card on file for easy payment processing.

The why I have not responded to the email is because I am not yet sure whether to continue with my contract or find another webhost. I am not fully satisfied with the service and I think I am paying too much per month. I have to check the best web hosting offers available online before I make my final decision. Although I found this reminder a bit later, I think I still have time to compare and check the special deals that are being offered right now. I will be checking for more reviews and news on best web host companies.


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