Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Package


I am talking about the sea freight box that I sent to my folks back home. Anything and everything that I find cheap here that can be useful to them, I buy and put them in my box. In about two weeks, my next box is full and ready for shipment. I am just happy that the forwarding company does not count the weight of the box; as long as everything fits inside the box regardless of weight, it is good to go. My last box was actually heavy because of the tarps I bought. My brother needs those tarps for his trucking business. The only tarp that is not too heavy is the welding blanket because I had it customized that would fit exactly his small welding machine at his shop. My brother would be happy once he gets them. He thought I will be sending them in the next box. He will be surprised. I like to surprise people especially my family. I cannot wait to get a phone call from him.

This time, I am shipping food like canned goods, chocolates, candies and probably some clothes I got from Christmas. I take advantage of the canned goods sale at my local supermarket so I could send them home. They always do this after the New Year. This box is going to be very heavy this time.


joy Thursday, January 06, 2011

hi alf! dropping by to greet you a happy new year. may the new year bring you abundant blessings.:)

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