Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good To Be In NJ


One evening while hubby was watching his favorite baseball team on TV, I asked him, if given the chance to move to another state, like one where the weather is warmer than the East Coast, where would he prefer? He answered me back by saying, maybe New York! I said that is not counted because New York is just across the river. So, as a follow up to my question, I asked him again, “what do you like most living in New Jersey?” He said, “It is sports.” Now, I got him fully well.

My husband likes sports. His favorites are baseball, football, soccer and the one that is really in his heart is tennis. You see, we live in an area in New Jersey where it is very close to a lot of stadiums. We have the Izod Center two miles away from us. Then going east bound to New York City, not too far from where we are, we will hit the newly built Yankee Stadium right after we cross the George Washington Bridge. The Citi Field stadium is also brand new right off Northern Boulevard in Queens, New York. We should not forget the Madison Square Garden at the center of Manhattan. I have not been to the new Yankee Stadium but I already have pictures of Citi Field, taken last September 2010. I regret that I was not able to go to the Staples Center in LA when I was still living in California.

So, is there still a reason for us to leave Jersey? I guess none.


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