Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Calls


Are you still using phone cards when you call the Philippines? I used to but since we switched cable company, I signed up in their monthly 300 minute international calling for a flat rate every month. I do not really use up the whole minutes but I figure I am making cheap calls if I get the plan. I have no complaints about the service but during the holidays, I cannot get through on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I guess a lot are calling their families in the Philippines to greet them Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. All the circuits were busy. My brother was suggesting another phone number to call but I was not sure if they have an international call forwarding service. I have to call them about this feature and also inquire about toll free forwarding.

I stopped using the phone cards to make overseas call. The only setback with having my international calling at my home only is that I cannot make a call if I am not in the house. It’s alright! I can live with that as long as I get more minutes for the money I pay for phone calls.


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