Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Again!


So it did snow a lot last night. I was waiting for a phone call from the school canceling classes for today but they did not call all night until around 5:30 in the morning. At first, they were informing us that school will be on a delayed opening, meaning it starts 9:45 am instead of 8:40 am to give them time to clean up the snow. Then I got another phone call around 6:30 am declaring the school will be closed for the day. I was already surprised when they said delayed opening at first because when I looked at the window, the roads were not plowed yet and even if you wear your tallest old gringo boots, the snow will still get into your feet. We probably got around 12 inches last night.

Now that school is closed, we have to do plan B which bring Isabella to work with me. First, I have to dig my car out of the snow and I hope by that time the streets will be cleared and plowed. I took my time in cleaning my car. I tell you, shoveling is the best exercise. I was sweating inside my thick jacket. After two hours, we are all set to leave the house. My town did a good job in clearing all the main and secondary roads. There was no problem driving. I just have to slip on to my tory burch shoes i bought from Shoe Inn as soon as I get into my car because my snow boots was dripping wet then put it back on when I have to be on the streets again. You may call me an OCD but a wet shoe is not safe for driving.

I am already tired. My body is starting to hurt because of shoveling. I need to take a nap before I start cooking dinner.


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