Monday, January 10, 2011

A Story Of A Friend Who Moved To Texas


“Life is a lot different here in Texas than in the East Coast,” this is what my friend always says. She brags to me about their warm and sunny weather. I told her about the snow we are expecting tomorrow, she answered me back by saying, “ we are going to have a high of 49 degrees.” What! That is like a heat wave for us!

When the conversation gets serious, she tells me that moving to another state is not easy. The whole family moved to Texas right after they closed a house. They only made sure they have a place to stay before moving and all the works can come later. When they got there, immediately they began searching in the internet for rug cleaning service Austin to make sure that they will have a fresh carpet inside the house. She said that although the carpet looks clean, they still want to make sure that it is done correctly. They got a good deal because of the carpet cleaner coupon Austin they found in the mailbox that was left by the previous homeowner. According to my friend, there was really nothing major that needs to be done in the house except for a little cleaning and some painting.

I forgot to ask my friend why do they still need storm damage insurance? She mentioned it to me but I did not really get her explanation. I will ask her again when she calls me back tonight.


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