Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rabbit Town Christmas Spectacular


Posted by Gaylord Campbell

Going to look at Christmas lights is a tradition that I have done with my family for twenty years now. There is just something special about getting into the car with your entire family and going on an adventure to find who has the best decorated house. One of our favorite places to go was this place called Rabbit Town in the north Georgia area. One man alone owned several acres and made it a Christmas wonderland. The lights covered every inch of his property and it truly was a spectacular sight to see. The lights were set up in a way that as you rode by, each area was a different theme. At the end of his property he had a small lot set up and he himself set up a scene and dressed up as Santa Clause. We would also go and get out picture taken with him each year. The amazing thing was that he did all of this for free. He simply had a donation bucket set up at the Santa scene to help him pay the electric bill. This family tradition was one that I always looked forward to as a kid. Now, that I am in college, I still look forward to it to see the excitement of my ten year old brother as we go though the scenes. No matter how old or young you may be, there is just something about looking at Christmas lights that never gets old. However, as i get older and see the drastic changes in the world, I now see the importance of keeping your house locked and secured with a alarm(adt Security System systems) before you go on any excursion like this. With the whole family gone, Christmas time is unfortunately also a robbers wonderland.


Con Artist Trickster Monday, January 03, 2011

That kind of burglary during long holiday season also happen here in my country, though it's not during Christmas. Nowadays, it'll be better if someone in the family (or other we can trust) can stay and keep an eye on our home.

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