Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gold Jewelry


While reading the Sunday paper, I saw big flyer (a half page) of a big gold spot event to be held in one of the hotels in our area. A certain company that buys jewelry and gold will be there for three days and you can bring any piece of jewelry, old or new, broken or not that you want to get rid of. I know that the price of gold is increasing so this company is inviting everyone to come and sell your gold to them. The gold price is not the same for all the three days that they will be at the hotel; it depends on the market. It may increase or decrease at any time. Like what I always hear, since the gold price is going up, this is the best time to convert your unwanted jewelry into cash.

I remember, I still have jewelry from way back when I was in kindergarten. Most of my stuffs were given to me, thus they have sentimental values attached to every piece I have. Those that I bought through my earned money are also hard to give up. I’ll keep them for my daughter. I am not ready to give up any of them. To me, they are all priceless.


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