Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Vacation


My husband is turning 50 this year but instead of having a big celebration, he wants us to go for vacation, maybe around Europe or the U.K. Being a tennis player and avid fan as he is, it is his dream to watch the French Open so we should plan his birthday holiday vacation around places close to where the French Open is held. I voted for Spain and he is agreeing to it. Now that we selected the place, we need to get a place to stay. I have been browsing HomeAway Holiday-Rentals for some apartments in Pueto Pollensa. We do not need a very big place to rent; it’s going to be the three of us, my husband, me and our daughter. Maybe a one bedroom is good for us. I am interested on Cipreses (El Pimaret), a 1 bedroom apartment that could sleep four persons. It has one bathroom, one separate WC, with balcony and only a five minute walk to the beach, shops and resorts. It is also close to the supermarket and the apartment has a full kitchen and a dining area. I saw the pictures on the website and it looks that this place is furnished. We just have to get ourselves there and enjoy the beautiful place.

I need to get more information about Spain. I told my husband that we should get a Spain travel guide to familiarize ourselves with the popular places and destinations in Spain. Maybe, we can also do a side trip to Mallorca and get a glimpse of the resort that belongs to the family of Rafael Nadal, my husband’s favorite tennis player.


Catherine Monday, January 24, 2011

That is terrific that you have both agreed on a destination for your husbands 50th birthday celebration. What an exciting trip to look forward to.

the diary Monday, January 24, 2011

i agree with you. There's no need to rent a big place, the important thing is it's comfortable.

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