Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/2 Off At Applebees


I was already in my pj/sweat pants last night when hubby came home from tennis. He was hungry. Normally, on fridays, after tennis, he would have a bowl of soup or cup noodles. But last night, he was probably so so hungry that he wanted to go to Applebees. Sure! We haven't been there for quite a while. The place was still packed around 10:30 pm. We even saw the stepdaughters and the kids.

What's the deal at Applebees? All appetizers are 50% off after 10 pm everyday.

The lady said the waiting is around 25-30 minutes but we were called after 5 minutes. Maybe because there's only 3 of us. Hubby had the buffalo chicken (mild), I had the chicken quesadillas and the daughter had mozarella sticks plus iced tea unsweetened.

Our bill $16.05!


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