Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watching Aussie Tennis


It is another snow day. I left work early today before sleet starts. It is more dangerous to be driving when the roads become icy. First batch of snow already fell around noon, then we had a break and now the biggest storm is about to start that would last up to the morning. I do not know how the condition will be for the morning commute.

My house is so quiet now. On every snow days, almost always my husband is not home. His job always ask him to stay during winter storms. I also asked my daughter to sleep early just in case she has school tomorrow. And, right now I am watching the Australian Open women’s semi-finals between China and Denmark. These girls are just in their twenties and they could play the strenuous game of tennis for hours. I wonder what are their exercise programs to keep them fit and healthy. I’ve seen both of them play at the U.S. Open. They are both in the top 10 but never won a grand slam yet. Let us see who will be the champion this Saturday. Another set is also playing after this but I am not sure if I would still be awake for that match. I am watching live from warm and sunny Australia.


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