Monday, January 24, 2011

Eating Right


When I went for my annual physical exam early part of last year, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor called me after he got the results of my blood work. He told me my total cholesterol level which is quite above the normal per my age. No medicine was prescribed but my doctor emailed me a list of acceptable food that I should eat with their corresponding cholesterol and saturated fat content. I was also told to do my exercise regularly. I was told that my next cholesterol check is after six months.

From that day, I have been watching my diet, do walking if not playing tennis. I stayed active. Then, on one picnic day with fellow Filipinos, I met somebody who had the same fate as me and he said that he has been taking garlic every day. Not the garlic tablet but the fresh ones. What he did with the whole garlic is cut the top part then put a little olive oil and bake it, then take 1 clove a day. I know that garlic is a medicinal herb so I did the same thing. I made some research and found a lot of medical information about garlic.

My cholesterol level went down to normal on my xt doctor’s visit. I still do what I’ve been doing, keeping the same diet and doing exercise regularly. I did not stop taking garlic and even my husband does it now too.


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