Thursday, January 13, 2011



Every night I tried to play wii with my daughter as my exercise. Since i cannot play outdoors yet because of the weather, I try to substitute my outdoor sports with something that will make me sweat. I bought two controllers so that we can play together. It is always fun to play the sports game with her but this weekend we might do the dance move. I have been blogging for money to be able to buy more games and i tell you, they are not cheap!

So, while we were playing together, she asked me if I can buy her age of war. I said, what is that? It is a game, mom! Then, she continued by saying, “I also played boxhead 2 with ethan.” Now, I know. When she mentioned her nephew’s name, this is influenced by the boys we had over the weekend. Two nephews, one is 4 yr old and the other is 5, were at my house to sleepover last weekend so probably they were talking or played these games with my daughter. All my daughter’s games are girlish, sports or puzzles. She has no clue about boy's games. I still don't know if I am going to buy these games for her.


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