Friday, January 7, 2011

Impromptu Dinner @ Charlie Brown


As I was doing my online work, hubby called telling me and my daughter to get dressed and we are going out for dinner and he is on his way home. I thought he would be staying late at work because of the snow (as they normally do but maybe because this snow is not that big, they sent them home early), so we hurriedly took our bath. I was already cooking some dinner when he called but Charlie Brown is more inviting than what I was cooking. When he got home, we are already dressed so we just waited for him to take a shower and off we went.

Charlie Brown is one of our favorite steakhouse. I love their salad bar. They used to have chunks of cheeses on their salad bar but i don't see them anymore now. For tonight, I only have some greens, macaroni, potatoes, croutons with 1000 island dressing plus the some raisin and almond bread for appetizer. I don't want to get full on the salad because I know my food is coming out in minutes. But the salad is good and it is eat all you can! Then for the main course, hubby had the filet minon with baked potatoe while i had the tilapia with seasoned rice. Hubby's steak was HUGE! And, the daughter had her favorite kid's meal - the mozeralla sticks with french fries.

It was an early dinner at 6pm. There were not many guests at the restaurant because of the snow storm earlier. The snow has stopped but it is freezing turning all the snow into ice which is not good. Too slippery.

So, we're back home. Thanks papa for a nice friday dinner.

*forgot to take pictures!*

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